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Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry And Bright!

Sorry about yesterday folks! It has been hard few days around here. Kid was/is sick, now I'm sick oh and Daddy is sick too, but I still sent him to work. It is so hard having a 2 year old be sick. He doesn't understand what is going on with him or why I have to give him medicine or why we have to hold an inhaler to his mouth. We ended up going to the Doc office on Monday for Mason. He has a pretty serious cold. He was wheezing all weekend and took him in and he had to do this steam medicine for 10 minutes. WORST 10 MINUTES! I had to hold him down and just deal with the screaming, bitting, scratching, and kicking.

Now I have been knocked down with this thing he has and I can't take a darn thing for it. Having a bad cold and no remedy really stinks! So yesterday I was dealing with him while I was sick. What I don't understand is that when I was pregnant with Mace, I never got sick. Not once. This kid the entire month of December I have been sick. ARGH!

Anyhew, on to Christmas. Matt and I were asked by Santa's elves to finish assembling a wonderful gift for the goomer! We spend 2 nights putting it together and Christmas Eve we finished super gluing all the pieces down. You will see in a bit what it is!

We started with these yummy cinnamon rolls for the morning breakfast, but it ended up being more midmorning before we ate them because they took a little longer than I thought they would. I used Paula Deen's recipe and they were really good. I ended up giving most away to the neighbors for Christmas! It was my first time making homemade cinnamon rolls, ever. So I think I did pretty well!

Mason took a little bit to wake up and not freak out about the gifts under the tree. He didn't want anything to do with opening the gifts until about 10 or so. Some were even later so we just listened to what he wanted. But it definitely wasn't the picture perfect Christmas morning we all think about with children. He cried when he woke up, cried coming down the stairs, threw a wrapped gift we were trying to get him to open and just cried. Like I said around 10 though he started to calm down enough and unwrap some gifts, including some cars which he loved.

The big surprise was in the basement though and once he opened up that sucker he was hooked! HE LOVES his new Cars Land table. We glued the track down completely so that it stayed a track. We know our son and it would have been destroyed in 5 seconds had we not. BEST DECISION EVER! If the super glue ever fails, then we will screw down the pieces but we wanted to start simple with the glue and it seems to be working after 2 full days of playing on it. The rest of the day we just hung out and played, watched TV. Let Mason rest, I rested. Oh I did make my mom's beef stroganoff for lunch and IT HIT THE SPOT! It was so yummy. My husband doesn't like it, and continued to eat the tamales we got for our Christmas Eve dinner. But after the drama of gifts were done we just hung out as a family watching Christmas movies and playing with Mason's new table!
 ~Daddy and Mason working on mommy's fav Christmas Drink.~
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