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Monday, December 2, 2013

I'm Back

We are back from our fun times in North Carolina with family! Oh, it is so hard to travel with a 2 year old! I love my son, I do. I am so thankful for him, I am. But man! The screaming in the car for 2 hours on the drive down. The, I'm scared cause I don't know where I am, and wake mommy and daddy up at 4am every morning. Oh and the, lets puke on mommy at 5am because I ate too many crackers the night before when Mommy and Daddy with on a double date with my aunt and uncle, was the topper! At least he was super good on the drive up!

I am done ranting. He did have tons of fun playing with his 5 cousins. 4 of them are boys who love to get dirty and play hard. Mason had a ton of fun playing outside in their big, FLAT backyard. (Ours is not flat. It is a steep down hill backyard without a fence so we don't spend time back there right now.) We went to a park on Saturday afternoon, where Mason climbed up the rock wall that was taller than Daddy with a little help from us. (note to self, more park time, especially when new baby comes.) He loved the bon fire and watching TV OUTSIDE at night and cuddling with mommy under 4 blankets to stay warm, and the yummy marshmallows we ate!

He loves his Aunt to death and when he was having a tantrum she stepped in and helped us out. Since she has 5 kids she is super mom and I learned a lot from her. Over the weekend alone, Mason's talking has exploded! We are understanding him better (I think Matt the most because he was finally able to spend days with him at a time and just hear him speak). He learned to communicate better with us. He still gets frustrated when we don't understand what he is trying to say but we did so much better. He can now say pink, bread,  fire. He was putting 2 word sentences together. he said Bye mommy, for the first time, and bye car. It is pretty amazing to watch him grow. He also saw plenty of cows on the drive down and was pointing them out to us.

Thanksgiving the rolls were the hit for him. That was pretty much all he ate. He didn't want any of the ham, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes or spinach salad. Just bread (bead) as he called it.

All in all it was a very fun and happy thanksgiving for all! Next time we see the cousins the new baby will be here, and we will have to juggle 2 kids! EEK! But oh how fun to have 2 kids to play with their 5 cousins!
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