Monday, October 19, 2015

Clean Eating: Read The Labels!

Yep! clean eating is all it takes you guys! You want to lose weight? STOP EATING THE CRAP! 

Don't know how to start clean eating? THE #1 RULE to eating clean is to: READ THE INGREDIENTS! Can't say the ingredients or know what they are then do not buy it!
So we ran out of bread and I sent the hubs out to get some because we had NONE and I had to have it for Mason's lunch! (He went out at 6am to the closest grocery store) He came back with bread that says HEALTHY on it. Sure it looks good but I don't know what some of the ingredients are. (left pictures in collage)
Here is the thing. Marketers know that if they slap a HEALTHY label on something that people are going to buy it, but it can be chalk full of stuff they don't know what it is. Or lab created ingredients for preserving the freshness of the bread. You have to be better than those gluiness marketers and read the labels. Don't trust the front! Don't be fooled any more! Here is the bread I normally buy (pictured on the right). And I don't need no stinkin' preservatives. I buy 2 loaves a week and stick one in the freezer until I am ready to use it and keep them in the fridge to keep them fresh. Haven't had any problems with stale bread!
Check out this AWESOME clean eating shopping guide by The Science of Eating. Click to enlarge.

Want to learn more about clean eating??? I hold a 5 day clean eating challenge every month open to ANYONE and EVERYONE! Send me an email or comment below if you would like to learn more about clean eating and how to add it into your life! I would love to help you!

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