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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Love Yourself Fit

This month I opened up my EXCLUSIVE health and fitness support group to ANYONE that wanted to join and get that support and motivation they needed to stick with their resolution. Now it is time to turn up the dial and kick it into overdrive. My group will go back to being exclusive to continuing customers only beginning in February. And I INVITE YOU to join us!

Did you know that the Beachbody On Demand Annual All Access Pass not only gives you unlimited streaming to EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT ever created by Beachbody, but also all the nutrition guides, recipes, calendars and to the exclusive BOD content PLUS access to any new workout released? For just $99! And when you get the Beachbody On Demand All Access Annual Membership you also get lifetime access to my group. So you get access to me and all my tools that I have created to HELP YOU SUCCEED!
February's group is going to be focused on Self Love. We are going to learn Love Ourselves Fit! For years I did not love myself. I would cringe when I looked in the mirror, or avoid the mirror if I could. I would tear myself down by nit picking any part of my body that I thought was awful (too many stretch marks, big butt, big belly, my calves can't even fit in knee high boots!) Destructive. negative, self loathing that is so harmful to us mentally. 

It wasn't until I finally started to love myself. Learn to love myself. That I saw the good in me. And turned all my negative thoughts into positive ones. My stretch marks tell a story, my butt is amazing! my belly carried 3 babies full term, my calves are strong and I rock booties! I want to help you see you for as you are. Your beauty. Your inner light. And let it SHINE! Because you are beautiful. You are unique. There is no one like you on this earth. 
If you are ready to start your journey filled with love, friendship, kindness and still work hard to eat right every day, and exercise and get your "me time" in everyday, then I WANT YOU in my group! I am rocking my weight loss transformation right now and I want you to join me and REACH YOUR GOALS! Send me an EMAIL, and let me know you are ready to join me. I have a goal, that I said yesterday in my goal board, to help at least 50 women start their journey, work with them on their journey and see what they can achieve over this year. Are you ready to join me yet? 

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