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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How You Really Lose Weight

Shared this message in my EXCLUSIVE GROUP! How many of you think of exercise as the ONLY WAY to lose weight? To change your lifestyle you must first chance how you think of food and exercise! So many people believe that they must exercise to lose weight but that really isn't true. Exercise is GREAT and we do need it. But to truly lose weight, you MUST change what you are eating! 

Food is the way to lose weight. Not exercise. Exercise is to help define, lean and strengthen your body. 

Yes, exercise allows you to burn calories and we know that you must burn 3500 calories to lose 1 pound. But most of us don't count calories every single day. Or live a calorie in calorie out lifestyle. You have to REALIZE that you can not OUT-EXERCISE A BAD DIET! If you learn to eat the right kinds of foods, the right portion of foods then you will lose weight.

Exercise is what allows you to be stronger, defined and lean and really shows off the work of what you have been eating! And it is important.
Too often I hear people kicking butt in their workouts. Getting them in daily and that they want to change. But they don't make the changes necessary to what they are eating to make a big difference. Yes they lose a little weight and some inches but to get the results you really want...start with what you are eating!

I did that for years! Even with my personal trainer. He kicked my butt in the gym, and I worked so hard. I only lost inches but didn't lose any weight. And it was so frustrating. But I honestly didn't change what I was eating enough to make a difference. When I finally did change what I ate, tracked it and kept a food log, the weight literally fell off of me! If you want to lose weight start with what you are eating! Every time! 

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