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Friday, January 6, 2017

3 Months Postpartum Update

Notice how I got rid of the "bump update" well, there isn't much of a bump left. I mean I still have a plus size mummy tummy, but it isn't officially a bump now that I have just passed out of the 4th trimester! So now it will just be my monthly progression pictures!

This past month I finally got back into strength training. I increased my weights from 0 pounds to 5 pounds, so getting stronger. I am just increasing nice and slowly at this point. I didn't actually really think I changed all that much but I have. You can see that I am leaning out which is AMAZING! I am still at 245 pounds but, come on. I think I look amazing considering I had a baby 3 months ago!

I set a goal November 1 to lose 8 pounds by January 1. Even though there were actually 9 weeks not 8 I thought that it was a good amount since there was Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's to work with. I ended up losing 6 pounds in the 2 months, but there have been some HUGE changes with my actual shape! So proud of my accomplishment. Who cares that I didn't reach my goal. I still made amazing progress! 
Exercise: For the past 4 weeks I have been doing 21 Day Fix (it really does work!) using my Beachbody On Demand. It has been really nice getting back into workouts that make me really work for it. I even had days where I thought to myself, "WHY AM I DOING THIS AGAIN?" But when I finish my workout, I remember why. That awesome feeling of "I DID IT", gets me every time! 

Recovery: Feel totally fine. EXCEPT, I have 0 core strength. I am actually taking it really easy on my core. Not doing full out core moves yet. Because I just don't want to risk hurting my core. I think this last pregnancy really did a number on my core and I just want to slowly strengthen it up. So. I am still doing core moves but they are very, very modified. 

Weight: Pre-pregnancy weight:237.7. Weight morning of birth: 264.8. Current weight January 1: 245.5. This past month I added in strength training. I had a good solid 2 weeks of workouts. Not going to lie. 2 great weeks! The first week of them month, I started strong but it didn't continue. But I kicked myself in the butt and the second and 3rd week I rocked it. Then after Christmas the freaking plague hit our house, and even my second son ended up in the hospital. (still in the hospital as of today) So workouts this past week have not really happened.

Next Months Goals: I am still aiming to lose 1 pound a week since I am breastfeeding I think that that is a safe amount to lose without sacrificing my supply. In all honestly, the accountability from sharing my journey and in my groups is what is keeping me going everyday. I have a natural drive to exercise and eat right, but I have even more of a kick to just KICK BUTT and show everyone that it is possible to lose weight while breastfeeding. (interested in joining my private support groups? Send me an email or comment below!)

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