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Monday, January 9, 2017

Top 10 Personal Development Books To Read for 2017

I had such low self esteem for most of my life. Even as an adult I would be so scared to let the real me show. What if I said something wrong, swore and offended someone, what are they going to think of me after this, what if I disappointed so and so... All these things have run through my mind as an adult. And it is totally natural. But what makes the difference between us is how we react to these things. As a health and wellness motivator and supporter I have to open myself up in one way or another. Whether it is posting pictures of me in tight clothing (that took some time to get used to), talking about my struggles with my eating habits or just getting through life to now I had to work on me mentally to be able to open myself up to feel "okay" with what I was doing. And that all started with me starting to read personal development. And now, after a year of doing it regularly I have opened myself up to being more vulnerable, open and I am even posting pictures of me in a sports bra!

I say a year, because prior to this I didn't really think I needed it. I'm an affiliate with Beachbody and one of our daily to action steps to do is to read at least 10 minutes of personal development a day. Again, I didn't think I needed it. Until I started to go see my counselor. Yep. Seeing someone to talk about "my problems" really opened up my mind to how much I really needed it. And let me just say, counseling is amazing. It has helped me so much. I have finally learned how to cope with difficult situations in my life in a different way. But when my counselor advised that I start reading personal development, I finally got off my high horse and dove into it. And really, to make a complete change in your lifestyle, especially going through weight loss, I highly suggest you start reading personal development because you have to change the way you see yourself, think about yourself, feel about yourself and how you love yourself if you truly want lasting changes when you do lose the weight. A lifestyle change is not a quick fix, lose weight fast thing. It is for life. It is a change in your mind and body for the better to be better! 

So...what personal development books are my favorite? Check out my list below! 
6) Girlboss - Sophia Amoruso

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