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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fit and Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy: Clean Eating

You have heard me talk about it so many times. I eat clean healthy balanced meals and lifestyle. Because I am trying to CONTROL THE WEIGHT GAIN DURING MY PREGNANCY (click to read more on how I am doing it!) ! And it really does make a difference, what you eat to how much, especially while pregnant, determines how much you gain. But what does it really mean?

What Is Clean Eating?
  1. Eat plenty of whole fruits and vegetables, both raw and cooked.
  2. Eat unprocessed lean meats that have not had anything added. This includes fresh chicken and fish and even lean, humanely raised beef and game. (which actually taste different and AMAZING! I splurge and get grass fed beef on occasion)
  3. Enjoy whole grains instead of the processed or refined variety.
  4. Eat smaller, more frequent meals about every 3 hours.
  5. Follow an 80/20 healthy eating.
There really is not wrong way to eat clean! It wasn't until I started following the 21 Day Fix program that I started to see real and true results in my own body. My skin is brighter and glowing (and it isn't just a pregnancy glow!) I feel better, have more energy and I do not deprive myself of things that I want! I personally use the 21 Day Fix Nutrition approach when I go shopping. I try to stick with my container approved foods as much as possible. If you are ready to start trying 21 Day Fix Program and change how you see foods, GO HERE! And let's get started! 
How to Start Eating Clean:
Start with a slow and steady approach. Instead of throwing out everything that you have in your kitchen right now, just start replacing items when you run out of them. Making it a transition. It will be easier on you and your family and your budget! So if you need bread this, look directly at the ingredients and select the breads that have ingredients you know what they are and can pronounce.  (100% whole grain, no added sugar and identifiable ingredients such as whole wheat flour, salt and yeast). Or if you ran out of white rice, pick up a package of brown rice this week (I love brown basmati rice).  Another easy switch is from instant oat meal to old fashioned or steel cut oats. It doesn’t have to be difficult to make the transition to clean foods. 

Clean Eating for Beginners Tips:
  • Start slow and within your budget. Don’t worry about drastic changes or being “perfect.”
  • Teach yourself to properly read labels. Focus on the ingredient list. Select foods with fewer ingredients—and ingredients that you recognize as real food.
  • You do not have to buy all organic foods! See above!
  • Understand that you will make mistakes. The important thing is not giving up.
  • Don’t stress over minor things. Keep the bigger concepts in mind and always work to improve. It’s about choosing the healthiest choice—not depriving yourself.
  • If you do have something that doesn’t mean your definition of “clean,” don’t throw in the towel. Make your next meal clean. That’s the difference between a diet and a lifestyle change.
  • Live 80/20. Meaning 80% of the time you are eating as clean as possible and that allows you to have a 20% indulgent meal. This is what is meant to be a healthy lifestyle! Go on a great date. Have a comfort meal one week. The goal is to do the best that you can! 
Hey MOMMAS! Want more daily motivation and inspiration? Click here get free advice, support and encouragement + a free copy of my Clean Eating guide to help you get started on your health and fitness journey! 
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