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Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday's 5 Pregnancy Favorites

1) MAXI DRESSES: Strapless (but straps can included) Babydoll Maternity Maxi Dress. I don't know why but I am definitely becoming quite the girly girl! And dresses are all I really want to wear right now and I think are going to be my staple for this hot, hot, hot summer! I already have 2 maxi dresses! (Testing them out while in Miami this weekend!) 

2) COMFY PJ'S: Embraceable Cool Night Crop Bottoms from Soma. I get so hot when I sleep and I need comfy pj's! These amazing embraceable cool night crops keep me cool, almost feels like I am not wearing anything, because they are so comfy! I love Soma and have many items from them, including my nursing bras which are AMAZING! Check them out!

3) CALMING BATHS: Peace and Calm Young Living Essential Oil. Wednesday nights is my calming night where I light some tea candles around my huge bathtub, add in some peace and calm essential oil to the hot water and listen to my hypnobirthing CD's. I often fall asleep because I get so relaxed but always wake up 1 minute to the end. It is pretty amazing!

4) FUN PREGNANCY PICTURES: Photofy App pregnancy stickers. I am getting asked EVERY SINGLE WEEK on Instagram and Facebook where I got the pregnancy tracking stickers for my photos. PHOTFY app on my phone! Super easy to use, super fun stickers, like stickers for everything! And super cute! Great way to help family and friends know how far along you are and what size the baby actually is!

5) FUN PREGNANCY WORKOUT SHIRTS: For Two Fitness. Who doesn't love cute tops, but tops that are just for pregnancy are so much fun! They are everywhere, but I love For Two Fitness. They are long, they are comfy and they grow with your belly! Here is me at 14 weeks in this pregnancy and 39 weeks with Collin. See how much they expand! LOVE THEM!

What are your favorite finds right now? Comment below! I would love to hear from ya! 

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