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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

When Is It Ok to Ask If A Woman Is Pregnant

As a plus size lady, many people really don't know/can't tell that I am pregnant. It is the whole "Is she pregnant or fat and getting fatter?" mindset. Which really sucks. Because honestly I really want to scream it from the rooftop that "HEY, I'M PREGNANT! YAY! Celebrate with me people!" (And I personally don't think I am fat at all. I am fit and healthy and doing what I need to do to keep my weight gain in check! I am proudly showing off my bump with form fitting tops!)

But there is a rule of thumb. Honestly, there is! I am hosting a FREE Healthy and Fit Mama's group and many of the ladies, haven't said one peep about being pregnant. (I don't know how they do that because I can not keep a secret like this quiet for long!)

So...have you ever asked a lady if she was pregnant? Then found out that she wasn't. (she is probably feeling pretty hurt and you are equally embarrassed!) I have a pretty good pregnant eye, and can spot when someone is, but I have learned my lesson to not ask that dreaded question. You never know what someone is going through.

So here is the rule of thumb:


Most women are very insecure about their weight when it comes to being pregnant due to the rapid weight gain and their changing body. Some find themselves in a state of shock or panic to see the numbers rise and their midsection growing, so always be aware and sensitive to this fact.

When a woman is pregnant and is ready to tell you, she will. But don't go asking.

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