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Monday, April 25, 2016

Listen To Your Body

You know what, MAKING A BABY IS HARD WORK! This weekend I was totally toast. I was burnt out. And I finally listened to my body and slept a lot of yesterday away. And it is exactly what my body needs.

When you fill your body with good whole foods, your body will thank you with being regular. When you exercise, your body will thank you with feeling stronger, and having energy. When your body is tired, it will tell you, and it is your job to listen to it.

Even if you aren't pregnant. The number one rule is to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY NOT YOUR MIND! Have a workout where you don't think you can do one more rep but you end up having the strength for 2 more, yep, your body will always be right. Your mind is what is the liar! Don't listen to your mind, listen to your body.

Having a healthy and fit lifestyle means appreciating your body enough to take care of it and that also means listening to it. Your body is amazing. It can do amazing things. Respect it and it will take care of you in return!

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