Monday, April 4, 2016

Don't Change Your Goals, Change Your Method

How many of you have set goals but haven't quite gotten there yet? Setting goals is the easy part. But reaching them, not so much. If you haven't reached your goal, DON'T CHANGE YOUR GOAL, change your method. Look at what you were doing each and every day. Were you doing your daily workout? Were you eating on point every single day or did a little temptation make it into your diet more often than you wanted it to? What about Shakeology? Did you drink that every single day?
There are so many reason why we don't reach our goals, a holiday happens, or we overindulge too much and then it is so hard to want to go back. You can reach your goals, it just takes time to hone in on the right method that works for you!

New challenge group, SUMMER STRONG, is beginning TODAY in my exclusive group! And we are going to be doing things a little differently in there. Setting weekly goals. Stat-urdays (checking in with our stats to make sure we are reaching out goals!)
 I want you to feel comfortable in your shorts, tanks, and your swim suit this year. For so long I never did! But not this year. I may still be super white legged but I will do everything I can now, to work on toning up my legs and arms, even while pregnant. If you are ready to get back into it and change your method and really make strides to your goal. EMAIL ME or FILL OUT THIS FORM! Let's chat, get you restarted and in the group!

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