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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Race Is Finished!

The women's 4 miler was AMAZING! There were so many women there running it was such a neat experience to be apart of. I have learned how to weave and bob through women like a pro! I did really well but looking back I probably should have pushed just a little bit harder. But the humidity and "soup" like conditions were not favorable for me! It zaps my energy and makes it hard to breath easily. I just feel like every breath takes so much just to fill up. I cough a ton after those kinds of conditions later in the day too! Anyhew, my legs don't hurt, my feet do because they got wet before we started running. I will say this, I love my run keeper app on my phone because it has been keeping track of my running time. This month alone I went from a 14:30 min mile to 13:30 min mile. So I am getting better and I love seeing the results of all my hard work!
~Foggy, humid morning~
It was fun a lot of my friends were on the other side of the street running back to the finish line before my second turn around yelling my name as we passed. They are all such amazingly fast runner! And are my inspiration to keep no moving my feet!

The last mile of the race is considered motivational mile which has posters lining the road of cancer survivors or for those who have passed. Sadly the last mile I get tunnel vision to FINISH THE RACE and just get in that zone to get back. But before the we had to line up and we were lined up right in the motivational mile. It was really neat to see who we were running for and for the great cause we were running for. (How do you like my pink top?)

Excited to run again next year! This is only the beginning! Oh and one thing. I did get a little too much sun, just slightly pink but man my freckles are so dark after today! I will get a pix of my amazingly awesome racer back freckle line, I mean tan line! :)
 ~Running buddies and Sarg T (Rainbow skirt) who keeps us moving! and Pacing group lineup! A SEA of Women!~~
QOTD: What is your favorite post race activity? Mine is napping!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pre-Race Jitters

I don't know about you but the night before, and my friend J can testify of this, but I always have bad dreams about me getting lost on the course, being late and missing the start up, questioning of I have everything I need, or being last. I am hoping that tonight that doesn't happen to me since I feel so well prepared for tomorrow! I really do. I know I can do it. My concern now is how humid is it going to be because that just zaps all the energy out of me. But I am assuming that with 3,028 other women running that there will be plenty of energy!

As J has told me before, I won't get lost on the course. Because there are 3,028 other women there running. It will also be marked so no worries there.

I have already set my alarm for 5:30am so that we can leave here around 6am and get to Foxfield area by 6:30. I am pretty sure it is going to be super foggy, because it was this morning. So allowing time to drive in fog is a must!

The pink ladies keep telling us on Facebook to lay out our clothing and everything we need the night before so that tomorrow morning we aren't scrambling to get everything! So my todo list for tonight is: PINK shirt with bib pinned on, bra bottoms, socks, shoes, W4MTP bracelet, towel, water, flip flops to change out of running shoes after, change of shirt for after (so I don't get fried since I am allergic to sun screen, more freckles are one thing but getting super burned, not fun!) iPod and headphones, icy hot,
and snacks for Mace and Matt while they wait at the finish line area to cheer me on. I think that is it.

Being last. WHO CARES IF I AM LAST! At least I finished the race and did it. I will hobble, crawl or drag myself to the finish line if I have to! I ain't quitin'! But like I said I feel prepared and I know that I will make it across the finish line exactly as I should and in a time acceptable. At least I am doing it. Again if I told myself a year ago that I was doing this than I would have laughed (and snorted) so hard! But I am so glad that I am doing this.

SO today is HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE and here is to happy dreaming tonight, an early rise tomorrow and an amazingly fun time with 3,028 other women racing for a great cause!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Planning Ahead

The race that got me actively running, (and yes it was all because of the awesome training program I was apart of), will be here and gone this Saturday. So what's next? I started looking online for other races. Maybe another 5k, whatever sounds fun. (I found a Danger! Zombies Run race which sounds like a blast!) But then I saw a beautiful 10k! Which is a couple of weeks before the Zombies Run race. Both races take place in and around the same area so I am debating on not doing the Zombies Race this year. Anyhew, I want to push myself, challenge myself and do something that keeps me moving forward! I asked the amazing pink lady that "suggested" (over and over, though to her credit it is what I needed) last night if this was something I could do. She pointed out that it is only 2.2 miles more than what I am currently running. (Less than that since we have done 4.5 miles a few times now) What is just a mere 2.2 miles more at this point?

Looking at my twitter and Facebook there are so many people running races this weekend! The big DUMBO race is happening at Disneyland! Good luck to all the runners! Soon I will be there with you smiling and laughing as I run through the happiest place on earth!

So here's to me planning ahead! (I am even thinking about doing the Richmond half marathon in Oct) Check out my races tab to see what I have done and what is in the works for me! Hmmm... maybe a disney full marathon, or a few more half marathons. Maybe the Tinker bell 1/2 at Disneyland AND the Disney Princess 1/2 at Disney World and get the coast to coast medal! Maybe even the Marines Corps
Marathon in DC or The biggest loser races! Man there are so many to choose from!!!

QOTD: What is your dream race or distance?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Good Morning

I finally figured out, early this morning 4am early, that I have indeed created a habit. Mason woke up crying at 2:30am. He just cried for a few minutes but it woke me up and put me on mommy mode. (The shocking, adrenaline rush mommy mode.) I could not for the life of me fall back asleep. By 4am my legs started to burn. They wanted to do something. They missed doing something. Well yesterday was the first Tuesday in 11 weeks that I didn't run. Yep. I made a habit of it. And I think my legs were yelling at me because I didn't go running. (Mace still has a little cold so no gym again). So instead of fighting it. I told Matt I was going on a run and be back in a half an hour.

It did not clear my head of all the things I was thinking about. I don't know how many stray spiderwebs I ran into. Had a beetle on me when I got home and was pouring sweat because it was so humid. It did help add more burn to my legs, a good burn, thanks in part to the nasty 900 ft hill right outside my front door. Made me realize that I really do enjoy running. I listened to my body. Did what it wanted and when I got back after a nice shower I was ready to go back to bed. I slept from 5-8 like a log! Out of it! Way to go me on exercising before the world woke up because I am done for the day and I did it all before 5am! Time to go buy some reflective clothing because I do not have any. Best to be safe than sorry and there were a couple of cars out.

QOTD: Do you have any night/early morning running tips or suggestions.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Second Day Soreness

You know you worked it when you are still sore, actually more sore, 2 days after a good run or exercise! I might complain to my husband that I hurt. I might take it a little slower going up and down the stairs but man it sure does feel good. I know good things are happening in my body when I have second day soreness. That means that I pushed myself. My body is saying, "What the heck was that!" Well body get used to it because 10 miler/ half marathon training will begin soon! I do know that my muscles will get stronger and I will grow more accustom to what I am doing because of it. Here is a great and fun read on DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). To help prevent DOMS Beachbody Recovery (post workout shake) and Recharge (nighttime recovery shake), part of the the Beachbody Performance Line, work together to help reduce muscle soreness and promote muscle repair and recovery. Plus there are some foods you can eat to help accelerate recovery? Check out Muscles Zone's great article here on some top foods you can eat!

Today, I'm going to do in home exercise. Maybe my Zumba DVD or a 2-3 mile walk DVD. Mason is still sick and therefore can not go to the gym childcare. GRRR! It is also taper week before the race. But I must keep moving today so that my soreness goes away!

QOTD: Do you reduce your exercise due to second day soreness?
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