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Monday, September 28, 2020

MBF and MBFA Program Results

I told you this program was going to be HUGE and it is! Not only was the launch the biggest in Beachbody's history but it also delivers AMAZING RESULTS! I've done it! I've completed 2 rounds of the new Beachbody Program Muscle Burns Fat (#MBF) and Muscle Burns Fat Advanced (#MBFA) And I CAN NOT believe my results. Guys, it's not like I wasn't working out daily or eating right but this program has just DONE IT for me! Check it out! I took a picture after my Sunday workout each week to track my progress. 

I started this leg of my journey June 22 when I hit my highest weight, which I didn't even record because I'm so embarrassed by it. 260.9. I hit 260 again! It freaked me the eff out! So this chart below from my Fittrack Dara Scale is as close as I could get it. I started with my nutrition first and really dove deep into our Mindset focused Nutrition program 2B Mindset. But you guys. This is more than just weight loss with this program. Not only did I reduce my weight with pure fat loss but also BMI, Body Fat %, butI also improved my water %, my bone mass, and even gained leaner muscle. It's about the bigger picture. Plus I've lost over 12 inches and am down 1 pant size and sitting comfortably in a size 16 when before, I was pushing out of an 18. Now my nutrition is on point. I've learned more about what foods really help me in losing weight and when the best time for me to eat but also, I'm not cutting out anything. I still have ice cream. I've still had sweets and treats. I still went out of town twice, indulged and still lost weight over the time period.

The key is to commit. Go all in on a program, and commit to following the program as it is written. Don't skip workouts, don't double up. Do the program as it says. Also go all in on your nutrition program. I tried for too many years, and wasted so much time trying to combine a bunch of nutrition philosophies together even our 2 Beachbody nutrition programs. But you can't fit a square peg into a round hole. It took me deciding I was going to do the program and just see what happened to now, living the program and the weight just coming right off. 

Plus my hormones aren't all screwed up as much as they were a year ago. I 'm actually in "the normal ranges" for all hormones. Which I don't understand how but I am. Sometimes it just takes some humbling and listening and doing. So after 3 years now, I'm finally seeing the progress I've been hoping for! But I'm not done yet. I'm already planning my next round. A 42 Day Challenging. Doing MBF and MBFA back to back like they were intended to see what results I can get from that! I can't wait. If you're ready to do this program JOIN ME and LET'S WORK TOGETHER! CLICK HERE to get your steal of a deal on our bundle kit which will give you the EARLY ACCESS to MBF and MBFA, and the entire fitness library for the next year, plus access to both our nutrition programs including the same one I'm doing 2B Mindset. You'll get the BODropes which are required in this program. You'll also get your first month supply of our daily superfood shake, the pre and post workouts drinks and more goodies plus me as your coach and access to my exclusive Virtual Gym and Nutrition Help Center. Guys, this is your sign. DO THIS PROGRAM! It will not disappoint!

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