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Friday, March 30, 2018

Total Body Transformation In 10 Weeks

I could feel change was happening with my body but HELLO! Change is really actually happening. In just 2.5 months I have totally reshaped my body. All I’m doing are amazing workouts and simple nutrition that is completely figured out for me. 

To be honest it’s so easy to look at other people who are doing the same program as you who have way more visible progress than you. And I have to remind myself to NOT DO THAT. And we all progress in different ways and pace. At my last check I have only lost 7 pounds. 

But here’s the thing. I could feel change happening on my body. My jeans fit better in the waist, but the Burt was snug. My thighs have looked leaner and they feel I strong! Track your progress by how you feel on the inside and out, clothing fit and be proud of how far you have come because hot damn! YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELF! 

Ready to start your journey to reshaping your body? CHECK OUT MORE about the program I am doing here plus see my results from the full 13 week program and how you can get started on your journey WITH ME! 

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