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Friday, March 9, 2018

You Are Worth More Than The Number On A Scale

How many of you have done this: wake up, do a kick ass exercise, follow your meal plan 100% and waking up the next morning, step on the scale and expect to be down at least 5 pounds??? 

Sanity tip: DO NOT get on the scale to see your weight as a reflection of how “good” you did yesterday. For most of us you won’t see a change or it could be a change you view as not good and start to question the whole process. Especially if that was the most food you have eaten in a long time. Just don’t get on the scale. It takes more than one good day of eating right and exercising, in a row, to see a change!!! Trust. The. Process!!! And THROW THAT DAMN SCALE AWAY! 
Me with only a couple pounds different between the pictures. Lean muscle over fat any day of the week!
You are worth more than that number on a day to day basis. The scale is only good when checking occasionally otherwise you will go insane trying to win the scale race. It just doesn’t happen. Be consistent. Feed your body the foods it needs. Exercise daily for strength and trust the process that over time the scale will reflect the hard work you are putting in.

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