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Monday, April 9, 2018

You Are Never Alone On Your Fitness Journey

Being a busy mom with 3 kids I get stuck in kid mode all the time. Saying, "poopy, nummy, boogies, penie (penis for my 3 year old.)" and talking in a voice that is slightly higher and childish can really get old after awhile. I love my kids but I miss having people to talk to. Being a mom can be a lonely thing, especially for stay at home moms. For me, having an adult conversation just didn't happen very often until I found my tribe. I needed a community of people that get me. That would motivate me. I made it my mission to surround myself with people who life me up. With people who make me happy. With people who never judge no matter what. With people who want me to succeed. 

And guys! I have found them. For me, my coaching community is my tribe. This past weekend I got to hang out with a handful of my tribe. It lifted my spirits. It brought happiness into my life. And we are all on the same journey, to reach our own goals and help others along the way do the same! Another part of my tribe is my own health and fitness community on FACEBOOK is my tribe. You reading this right now, you are my tribe. You are the people that get me. And because of you, I push play every day. I finally feel like I can use my normal voice. That I can survive this kid centered season of my life and come out stronger and a normal, social human being.

If you don’t have your tribe. FIND THEM. If you don’t feel like you have real conversations or connect with people. Find your people. Need a tribe? Join my health and fitness community. Search for like minded people around you. Or Ask your friends. See what groups or organizations they are part of and join them. But don’t feel like you have to go through life alone. Because you don’t. Or don’t feel like you have to go through your health and fitness journey alone. Because you don’t. Find your tribe! Chat with them often. Lean on them when you need it. Because you are worth it to have people on your side to lift you up and make you stronger. Find. Your. Tribe. 

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