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Friday, March 16, 2018

Plus Size Fitness: Exercise Might Be More Difficult. But Not Impossible

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DO NOT LET YOUR SIZE OR SHAPE DETERMINE WHAT YOU CAN AND CAN NOT DO! How many times have you looked at a workout program and though, "I could never do that!"? It is easy to look at a workout program, group class or even most people at the gym and see people that are fit, lean, trim and MAKE EVERY MOVE LOOK EASY! I have thought the same thing. MANY TIMES! Actually, years ago that is what intimidated me from ever doing a live yoga class, or going to a certain part of the gym. I didn't fit the typical "look".

Now, I'm all about breaking the stereotype. Because I am now doing workouts I never thought I could do. There are times I look at my video playbacks and think, "well, I just made that look easy" when in fact it wasn't, it just felt good though.

You know you rocked your workout when the o pay thing you keep thinking after your workout is THAT WAS AWESOME! That is exactly how I was yesterday after mine. I even had a smile on my face because those curtsy pulses burned just right. Every move yesterday hit the right note for me and felt amazing! Not so scared about this 3rd month of my program. All new moves this month and so far, I’m pretty happy! Finding a program that you enjoy and keeps you interested is KEY to staying motivated in your weight loss journey with 80 Day Obsession every workout is different. 80 separate workouts to help you get the results you want! Ready to join me on your 80 Day Journey? MSG me and let’s chat about your goals and get you going! #wod #aaa #armsabsass #workout #fitness #80dayobsession #imobsessed #stronger #phase3 #shred #plussize #plussizefitness #plussizefitnessjourney #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitginger #ginger #mom #momlife #fitmom #bbg #justwatchme #selflove #maketime
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If you want to do things that you don't think you can do I am here to tell you that YES YOU CAN! All it takes is CONSISTENCY. (I think this is my word of the year by the way because I keep using it!) Even if you have to start with modifying every single move in a workout program, that's okay. The main thing is that YOU KEEP TRYING every single day to be better than you were the day before. Check out this modification for Mountain Climbers. Even if you have to go from, standing against the wall, using the stairs, on all 4's then to the full out. Even doing the very first modification, you are able to rock your workout.

For us plus size ladies, exercise might be more difficult because it is hard to get up and down. Or think about it physically holding ourself in a full plank position for planks or pushups we are having to hold up more weight then those "fit gals" on the workout program. One thing I keep thinking or reminding myself is how easy it is going to be when I lose the excess weight. Then I will be able to plank for days, because it will physically be easier with 50-75 pounds less weight on my frame. But to get to that point...IT TAKES TIME AND CONSISTENCY!
Your key word going into any exercise is MODIFY, MODIFY, MODIFY! And only modify when you have to. If that means for every move then do it for every move. If you are able to do some moves not modified that's okay. Or as you get stronger and more comfortable with the move, start to transition to half full out, half modified until you can do them all not modified. That is progress. That is growth. THAT IS CHANGE!

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