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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

80 Day Obsession: Phase 2 Results

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2 months of 80 Day Obsession are DONE! I have done 46 workouts and have moved on to phase 3 workouts. I didn't really think I would see any changes in my body to be honest, because I wasn't "seeing" any when I would look in the mirror. Except for my butt. That thing changes almost daily. It's pretty amazing! 

But here they are! 

Weight Lost since Jan 15: Lost 7.6 pounds
Inches Lost since Jan 15: 9.75 inches

JUST from following the 80 Day Obsession program, the calendar of workouts and nutrition plan.


80 Day Obsession is a total body 13 week at home or anywhere (online streaming from your phone, computer or tablet) program that focuses on the core and booty. Checkout some quick info about it: 

🌟 80 days of workouts that were filmed in real time, meaning that they are all completely different from each other and can be done in your own home, or at the gym. 
🌟 A COMPLETE nutrition plan that tells you not only what to eat, what size portion to eat but WHEN to eat for best results.
🌟 Focuses on Core and Booty, but everyone had all over results 
🌟 Uses new equipment / gear that look easy but will totally change your body.
🌟 EXCLUSIVE TEST GROUP with LIVE workouts, daily motivation, inspiration, tips and MORE! 

So...READY TO START YOUR 80 DAY JOURNEY with me to help you along the way? CLICK HERE NOW to order your bundle kit to get EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get these results in the first 30 days! (This kit includes a year membership to the online streaming service, the equipment, daily shake, pre workout mix and post workout recovery, and easy to follow container system. Everything I'm using right now!)

If you are interested but need more info first, curious about how it all works and want to learn more, CLICK HERE TO SEND ME A MESSAGE so I can personally chat with you and answer any questions you have! Or EMAIL ME

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