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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Disney World 2018 Trip

1 year ago I decided that it was time for our family to go back to Disney World and that I wanted to go in January (low season). And last week, I made that goal/wish/dream come true. Power of writing your goals down peeps!

My family and my parents spent 5 days at Disney World Monday - Friday and stayed at the military hotel right on the Disney Properties. Shades of Green. (I'm not getting paid to mention them, nor was any of our trip compensated for this mention, but I think ALL military should know about this hotel.) The rooms are HUGE and had more than enough space for all 5 of us including a crib in our room. Plus I used their workout facilities every day because I refused to miss a workout! And every morning I got a fresh veggie omelet made to order to help me stay on better track with my nutrition. 

I am currently in the beginning of this 80 Day Program. And in the program we have a pretty strict nutrition plan. I knew, as much as I tried, that I would not be able to do the timed nutrition in the park. I didn't have a big enough fridge in my room to accommodate all the veggies and fruits I need daily. But...what I did do, workout daily on top of all the walking we did and every time we had a meal, I tried to go for a healthier option and ordered tons of veggies. Even an extra salad if I needed to. And yes. I did indulge in some sweets and treats and desserts. But I did not gain 1 pound while I was away and walked an average of about 4 miles. (possibly a little more since my hubs was holding my phone for me most of the time.) 

Learned a few things. Traveling with a family of 5 is hard. Being in a large park with tons of people and 3 young kids is HARD. 3 years olds...ARE HARD! But in the end we had tons of fun and I feel overall health and wellness wise I did pretty awesome! Oh, one funny thing. I planned ahead of time that Wednesday, cardio day, I didn't want to do in the gym. Mostly because I look like I am DYING when I do cardio (partly am) but I thought it would be fun to do it right off our room on the patio. Well, that morning I opened up the curtains and found a Peacock there. Dude didn't move for 40 minutes. When he did move, I went to open the door and it scurried back and squatted. I seriously got Peacock Blocked from my workout spot. Ended up going to the gym. Oh well!

Peacock Blocked. Yep he sat there for so long, and left a present! How rude! 

Kids enjoyed watching him though.
You can view more of my daily workouts over at my INSTAGRAM page

Booty gains!

Workouts go anywhere I go. All I need is my tablet with Wifi, or my cell with service! 

Collin LOVED this ride! Just look at his face!

Learned that my oldest son is not a fan of rides, AT ALL! 

Of course I had to get a picture with Merida. Us gingers have to stick together! 

Elyse wasn't a fan.
Slept through most of our dinner at Be Our Guest.
Dumbo with my little dude!

My morning breakfast. Onion, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes made to order omelet

My side salad I got on our date night at CĂ­tricos at the Grand Floridian
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