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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

How To Take Your Best "Before" Pictures

Are you just starting on your journey? CONGRATS! That's a huge move. I bet you are a super excited but a little nervous too. But before you start your journey you MUST MUST MUST Take your before pictures. Yes. It is a MUST! You do not have to share them with anyone. You can keep them as a private, locked file on your computer that only your eyes can see but you NEED to take them. It took me YEARS to be comfortable sharing my pictures, and now I do it monthly because I love seeing the progress I am making but also to help motivate and inspire other women that LOSING WEIGHT IS POSSIBLE! Because one are going to look at those hidden folders and see how far you have come and REJOICE in the fact of how much you have changed!

How To Take The BEST "Before" Pictures

Pick a place in your house that gets good lighting or that you can light easily. The area in my pictures below isn't always the best for pictures because it can be a dark spot but I can light it with lamps that I just angle in. You don't have to have a whole light system, which I have but hasn't really made that much of a difference.

INVEST in a tripod for your camera or phone. Yep. Make the leap and just do it. I got this full size TRIPOD FROM AMAZON for less than $20. I like it because I can set it to take pictures straight on and don't need my husband to do it for me and it holds it's height so that my pictures are consistent every month. It fits my DSLR that I got before I had Mason 7 years ago. You can also get a TRIPOD for your phone, and the top piece that holds your phone screws on the tall tripod.

Pick non baggy clothing. You want to see your progress. I started with taking my pictures with a body hugging tank top, to now just wearing a sports bra. Same with pants. You want to wear body hugging bottoms so that you can see your shape. Try not to use compression pants as that can cut into your midsection, but also that sucks you in. You want to get your true results right? Think about how much you want to change your body and what parts. You need to be able to see those parts. As scary as it is, doing a picture in a sports bra and short shorts or a bikini show EVERYTHING. In the end, pick what makes you feel comfortable but can show the changes that will happen. Also wear similar clothing in each picture.

Classic angles are front, side and back. Yep, it's really that easy. I personally like side because that is where I see the most changes but you want to make sure you get all angles for every pose. You can also do a slight twist with your upper body to show those shredded abs...well, one day right!

 Side: (my best side)


 Other side:

Please, Please, PLEASE! I know it is scary and uncomfortable taking a picture of yourself practically naked, but for the love of Pete, SMILE. It makes me so sad to see the sad faces in your before. If you are having a hard time smiling just think of these pictures as your GOODBYE pictures. Goodbye to the old you. Goodbye fluffy tummy. Goodbye old habits. GOODBYE and HELLO to the new you. SMILE and smile big. Because you are worth it to love your body, dimples, rolls and all.

In the end, these are your photos to help you best track your progress over time. Enjoy the whole process, as scary as it can be (this is the first time I have ever done bikini bottoms!) It is scary for everyone because you are showing all those "flaws" that we want no one to see, because you can't hide it when you take these pictures and that is the point! You need to see you, to see the changes!

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