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Thursday, February 1, 2018

80 Day Obsession 2 Week Results

Yep, I did a quick check (with the trainer's approval!) it's only been 2 weeks and 1 of those weeks I was at Disney World and not able to follow the timed nutrition aspect, BUT I STILL HAVE SOME PRETTY AWESOME RESULTS!

I have not missed 1 workout. Even while on vacation. I worked hard and planned ahead of time to get my workouts in every single day. I followed the nutrition plan 100% the first week.

I have lost a total of 3 inches on my body so far, but have gained 2.9 pounds. I also gained some inches in my calves (all the walking at Disney World!) It might not sound like a lot of change, but look at my progress pictures! Amazing things are happening with my body. I am losing fat and gaining lean muscle.

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OH and here is everything you will have (depending on your pack of course) when you get your pack: 

  • Year membership to BOD unlimited online streaming, with access to meal plans, trainer tips and over 600 other workouts and their digital information and exclusive BOD cooking show
  • Hard copy Workout calendar
  • Intro guide
  • Digital custom eating plan 
  • Fitness tutorials
  • Nutrition tutorials
  • Weekly motivation messages from the cast of 80 Day Obsession
  • 2 sets of loops - workout equipment
  • Floor sliders (works on carpet or solid surface) out equipment 
  • Portion Control containers and shaker cup 
  • Daily nutrition shake to help cut cravings feel your best - Shakeology
  • Pre workout drink to give you energy and endurance to kick butt during your workout (depending on the kit you order)
  • Post workout recovery drink to help prevent soreness (depending on the kit you order)
  • App on your phone to help you track your progress
  • Option to enroll as a coach at no extra charge and get access to our coach discount on future orders
  • Exclusive access to team wide test group with live group workouts, daily motivation, accountability, recipes, support, tips
  • Exclusive access to my VIP group with my daily motivation, tips, accountability, tools and support
  • 1:1 coaching with me
  • If enrolled as a coach access to exclusive coaches only group hosted by the program’s trainer For daily tips and motivation trainer talk and more info.

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