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Monday, June 20, 2016

Love Yourself First

Being confident is a LEARNED TRAIT! It is not given. It is not just had. It is something that must be learned, trained, believed and continually worked up. When I was growing up I always looked at the cool kids, and wished I had their air of confidence that they had. I was just a girl in the band. Someone who was considered "low on the totem poll" per popular movies. And that is how I felt about myself. Someone lacking. Less than. Not as important and always striving to be like someone else.

It wasn't until I was older that I realized that all of the girls I admired that have confidence exuding out of them, have all had their own insecurities. We all struggle with something in our life. And it is so easy to forget that at times. Watching the Bachelorette last night really struck on that. You look at Jojo and how beautiful she is. She seems so confident and strong and then she actually talks about all the crap she dealt with, with her last boyfriend and how many insecurities even she had, and she is GORGEOUS! We all have something. 
Check out this picture above. No one besides the ladies who attended this amazing trip to Miami last April, has seen this full picture of me. There is a back story to this. I actually packed spanx to wear under my dress. To make me look better. Suck in parts that needed to be sucked in and such and bringing out a better hour glass shape. Because I knew going into this trip I was going to be the "biggest" girl there. And honestly there was a part of me, a very small part for a short amount of time, that didn't want to ruin the picture for the other 17 ladies. How sad is that? I even put the spanx on and almost wore them that day, but they were so uncomfortable and I would have hated it. Would it have sucked me in and given me more of a defined shape? Sure. But at what expense? Altering myself because I felt bad about how I looked even though I was 16 weeks pregnant. Nope. Not cool. Even I, who has worked so hard to love myself and gain the confidence in myself that I have never had, even has times in my life that I struggle with my own image. But after hating how I felt in the spanx. And talking with a couple of the gals I took it off and I have not looked back yet. I see me. Beautiful, strong, empowered, healthy, carrying a life inside of me, and proud of who I am. And yes very white legs but hey, I am a redhead! 

You can start today, learning to love your body! As it is right now. You can spend the 30 minutes on your to help enhance your beautiful body so that you feel more comfortable in it. I love who I am and how I look, but I also am working very hard to be healthy every single day. Making smarter choices to eat right and to exercise 30 minutes a day. Reading positive uplifting materials that help you see yourself in a better and different light. The way people around you see you. I highly recommend You Are A Badass as a starting point. I have said it before but seriously it really is that amazing! 

This is why I do what I do. This is why I LOVE COACHING and being a mentor, supporter and motivator. I was that girl a few years ago. I didn't believe that I needed time for myself. Didn't believe that I deserved time for myself. And now I make sure I get my time because if I don't, I am a cranky mom and no one wants a cranky mom! This week, make you a priority! Just do it. 30 minutes a day, sweating, working on your strength, pushing yourself more than you thought you could. KICK BUTT! YOU ARE WORTH IT!
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