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Monday, June 27, 2016

You Are What You Eat

Not going to lie, this weekend was ROUGH on me! Single mom for 2 weeks right now with Matt doing his military duty and we still have one more week left. I literally had a breakdown, in public yesterday, with all the stress I was feeling because my kids were not acting as well behaved as other kids were and I was outnumbered and hormonal. It was embarrassing and humbling at the same time because people came to my rescue. And I needed that!

On another spectrum of my last two weeks...My eating has been CRAP. I do pretty well with breakfast, ok with lunch and by dinner I just have no energy or will to do anything special to make anything healthy. I just want something fast, easy and takes little to no effort to make. Honestly, we have eaten out more in the last 2 weeks that I probably have in the last 2 years. BAD!!! And I am feeling it!

Eating crap, makes you feel like CRAP! It just isn't worth it. Now I kind of understand why Matt says the food I make is better than a restaurant and enjoys it more, because it often tastes better. I made pancakes for him recently and he said they were better than what we get at restaurants.

But why do we choose to eat out instead of making homemade foods? Ease and convenience. But eating out, you have no idea what they are putting in their foods. Really putting in their foods. But when you are at home you can control how much salt goes in, seasoning, oil, cream. You name it. Anything you can buy in a jar or a frozen box you can make at home. Thankfully we have google now to search amazing homemade recipes. All it takes is a little time to plan out your meals for the week, then if you can pre-make some of the food to make it easier on you.

Having some chicken in a recipe this week? You can pre-make it, store it in the fridge and then just add the seasoning to it as you are making the rest of the meal. It really is easy, and saves you time at night. And I have already done that this week. I am feeling on top of things right now and will not let this week take me down!
This week I am so looking forward to: Healthy Hawaiian Haystacks! With brown rice, extra veggies and extra pineapple! Pre-making the chicken so I don't have to worry about that step and we just heat up on the stove and assemble! Easy, and good for you!

So...what meal are you looking forward to making this week? Comment below!

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