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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bump Update: 24 Weeks

Hello to entering my 6th month of pregnancy! YAY! Things are coming along nicely. Elyse is kicking me like crazy all the time. I am even getting woken up at night from her. She is just getting bigger and bigger and so am I! I have really noticed this week that I can't bend over anymore when cleaning up toys. I am encouraging the boys to be on toy pick up more so that they understand I need their help. They do okay at it. But they are only 4 and 2! 

We celebrated Memorial Day this past weekend. Matt grilled for us, which was amazing as usual, and I made a nice dessert however, I just can't handle sweets like I used to be able to. That is a good thing. That means that I am not over eating too much crap which I think is why my weight has been so good. I am still gaining a pound a week. This morning was hard to look at the scale because I am just a few ounces shy of 250 and that is a big number! I don't like that number. But I am really trying to trust the process, trust my body, and be diligent in what I put in my body to help me have as healthy of a pregnancy as possible considering the weight I am at. 

Total Weight Gain:  12 pounds total weighing in at 249.8 pounds. Oh man, my mind went crazy over seeing this number. I am getting so close to the weight I was a year ago after my miscarriage, and before I started taking care of me again. It freaks me out, but I am trusting my body and the process. And I have the tools now to get back to where I want to be after Elyse arrives! 

Symptoms: Just the regularly occurring headache, some morning sickness. Thankfully not as many cravings for carbs this past week.
Baby’s Size: Ear of corn (~8.5 inches, 1.5 pounds)
Maternity Clothes: Yes, bottoms need to wear maternity or stretchy pants. Tops I wear maternity now and my bigger t-shirts.
Stretch Marks: I already have a ton that I got when I gained weight years ago. So nothing new.
Gender: GIRL!!! 
Sleep: I am only waking up once a night to go to the bathroom. I am flipping over from one side to the other a lot, but often times I end up on my back. She is starting to kick me awake at night now.
Miss Anything: Sleeping comfortably flat on my belly or back! Sleeping through the night. 
Cravings: Just been in a funk and haven't wanted to make dinner or decent meals for the fam. I have just been more tired this week, or lazy. I haven't really been craving anything this week, except maybe my Shakeology. I have been consistently drinking that every morning. It is my easy, no thought process meal that tastes great and is great for me! 
Aversions: nothing yet
Excited About: Matt and the boys feeling her kick for the first time. I think it will happen this week as she is going to town kicking me lately. Especially when my student play her namesake song, Fur Elise.
Workouts: Got in my workouts 5 days a this past week, which is awesome! I have been going on walks, doing 21 Day Fix yoga & pilates specificallyDiary Of A Fit Mommy's Fit For Two 2nd Trimester workouts and the Beachbody On Demand Active Maternity 2nd Trimester workouts. I really did well this week with the workout dept! 
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