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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kids Countdown Jars

Mason has 3 really exciting things happening in the next few months. He is turning 5, he starts his first day of kindergarten and of course the arrival of his baby sister Elyse! Mason has a hard time understanding the concept of time at this point, which is normal for kids his age. Think about it, when you were younger, summer break was soooooo long! As you got older, summer break felt shorter and shorter and shorter! How Mason confuses it is when I say this week, he thinks I am meaning today. Or maybe he just isn't very patient. Anyways, my mom came up with the brilliant idea to make Countdown jars to these important dates coming up.

Every day Mason will get a chocolate from each jar until the jar runs out! He is so super excited. Not only did it teach him lots of counting to a) count how many days it was until each important date, but b) I made him count each and every m&m that went in the jar. By the end counting up to 90 seemed easier! He loves the idea and so far he loves to point out which jar has the least amount M&M's and the most M&M. And it is just a few candies everyday. Use whatever candy or treats your kids will love and they too will look forward to counting down every single day.
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