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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fighting Those Pregnancy Cravings!

We all have them, CRAVINGS, pregnant or not. But when you are pregnant there are 2 things that happen to us.

1) Cravings when pregnant go on overdrive. They become so much more heightened!

2) Giving into cravings happen more because, you're pregnant!

Don't get into the cycle though, speaking from experience here peeps, to just throw in the towel and eat whatever you want. That is the last thing you want to be doing. Yes you need to be eating 300-500 more calories while pregnant, IN THE LAST TRIMESTER! But in the beginning, no. You don't need to increase your caloric intake. I know it is so nice to "finally" eat the foods you want to eat because you are feeding for two. But what happens. You start to gain weight too quickly, and before you know it, you have gained 10 pounds in just a couple months. It is the last thing you want to go through while you are making a baby.

So advice on fighting those oh so hard pregnancy cravings?

1) Make it a treat. Only occasionally. Yes, you will still give in to them, because if you don't you will binge later on.

2) Choose only 1 day a week to allow yourself those cravings if you have to. Schedule it in. Make it planned. Not spontaneous.

3) Work really hard to eat really well the rest of the time. And when you do that, eating a treat won't matter at all!

4) CUT THE GUILT OUT OF IT! This taken from a post on Facebook by
Mama Lion Strong "I haven't done anything wrong and there's nothing to feel guilty for. And no, I will not follow this up with a punishment of skipping breakfast, a salad for lunch, and broccoli and grilled chicken for supper.
I wake up and carry on as normal. Because Snickers happens. Ice cream happens. Chips happen. Normal people eat these things. They can be part of anyone's well balanced diet and will make no difference in how you look or feel overall.
That is.... Unless you make yourself feel rotten for it. And that rotten feeling makes you eat ten bags of Snickers because you're a bad, bad girl.
Do this for the next year, then it might start affecting how you look and feel overall.
If you have a trainer, a nutrition coach, a friend or family member pushing an extreme food mentality on you I'm just going to say it: they probably have an eating disorder. Don't get sucked in. Eat your Snickers and carry on."
Cravings suck! But sometimes you just have to give in to them, allow them to happen, enjoy your life and move on to the next! You are worth it to take care of yourself, but enjoy life too! 

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