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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Weight Loss Victories

Do you have a little itty bitty accomplishment? Even the smallest of accomplishments are actually HUGE! How many times have we overlooked the smallest moments of our lives because we haven't made it to the final goal yet? I know it can seem silly, but somedays I celebrate the fact that I got my workout in, because my day was so hectic or crazy. Or a few months ago I celebrated the fact that I could fit in a sports bra I got that ended up originally being too small. Don't lose sight of the little accomplishments that you make in life. In anything. Because before you know it, that time will be past and there will be something else to celebrate!

~New pant size- celebrate it
~New outfit fits-celebrate it
~lost 2 pounds- celebrate it
~been stuck at a plateau and finally moved past it? CELEBRATE IT! 

Losing weight is hard to do. So celebrate your accomplishments. Not with sweets and treats or a big slice of cake. But make it known to your friends. Post about it on Facebook. BRAG ABOUT IT! You deserve to brag about it and don't let anyone bring you down. 

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