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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

5 Reason to Cook At Home

It can be very tempting to order out, head to a restaurant, or get frozen packaged food when you’re short on time. Trust me, even I fall prey to this sometimes. Because I just don't want to cook. Why bother? There are so many reasons! (being pregnant and having no energy is my current complaint!) 

But by making your own meals, you know exactly what you are putting into your body. That includes salt, and sugar. Which are used too much in fast foods, packaged frozen foods and even at restaurants. 

For starters, cooking at home is way cheaper. If you find a few recipes that appeal to you, make a list, and buy only what you need, you can make a week's worth of dinners for about the same amount of money you'd spend in a mid-range restaurant for two or three meals. Check out a restaurant menu online and add up the costs: entree, drink, tip. Times two. See what I mean??

Another reason, it’s generally healthier. You can control the amounts of fat, sugar, sodium, and other ingredients. You can also control the portion size of your food. Portion control is as easy as deciding how much food to put on your plate, eliminating the temptation to eat all those fries that came with your restaurant burger. Or to chow down on that entire Chipotle burrito bowl!

If planned right, you don’t need to cook every day. You can cook in large batches and have some food for the next day, making your life a little simpler. This is one of my favorite ways to “meal prep”. I cook extra on one night and heat it up (possibly add a few more ingredients) to eat the next night. Simple dinner on a busy weeknight! 

I know a lot of people do not like leftovers. But it is a great way to help save money and make your week of cooking a lot easier. I didn't like leftovers in the beginning either. It just isn't as good the second time around, but there are many dishes, like soups or stews that are much better after they sit for awhile. Start small. With one leftover a week and increase from there! 

It can be a great way to get the family together to help! Getting your kids involved in the kitchen will teach them valuable life skills. Plus, you can pass on important nutritional information while making it fun. My boys LOVE to be my little helpers and they are more likely to eat healthy foods if they were involved in the preparation. Especially Mason. Now that he really wants to help! 

Finally, cooking at home can be faster than going out. Add up the time spent driving to a restaurant, waiting to be seated, waiting to be served, eating, paying, then driving home again. You could have fixed something simple and tasty much faster and been more comfortable in the process. You can cook and eat in your pajamas or workout clothes if you want to! 

Cook for your taste buds- When you cook at home, you can control the amount of each flavor is in the food. Creating the perfect taste for you. I don't add salt to my foods and often when we eat out, most foods taste too salty to me. Or if I want to spice up my Mexican Foods, I can do that more easily in my own kitchen. 

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