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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Drawbacks To Eating Sugar During Pregnancy

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Ok mom's, who has thought this while you were/are pregnant? "YAY! I'm pregnant, I can finally eat whatever I want!" (raise hand here!) Honestly when I was first married, I started to eat whatever I wanted, and I started gaining weight because of it but my excuse was, "It doesn't matter. I'm just going to get pregnant and then breastfeeding will make me lose all the weight!" WRONG! Not only did it take us 9 years to get a baby, but Breastfeeding did not help me lose ANY WEIGHT! Not 1 single pound.

Being pregnant is the last reason to start gorging on foods, candies and sweets and treats. That is the time you want to buckle down and eat a good whole food diet filled with nutrients that will not only keep you healthy but help support the growth of the new life in your body. Too many times, pregnant mom's give in to cravings while pregnant. I will admit it first, that I did! I gained 55 pounds with Mason, the last 2 months I was drinking a super thick chocolate shake at least 3 times a week. With Collin it was Oreos for the last month. And I gained 20 pounds with him. But I probably could have saved myself 5 pounds if I didn't. This pregnancy I am determined to eat more healthy and not give into my sugar cravings. Thankfully so far the baby is craving VEGGIES! The last thing I thought I would ever crave. So.... Is it safe to eat sugar during pregnancy? 

Here are some drawbacks to eating sugar while pregnant. 

Make your pregnancy symptoms worse. 

Eating too much sugar can actually make your pregnancy symptoms worse. Add more heartburn, more sick to your stomach feel if you are eating too much sugar at once. And of course make you even more moody especially if you aren't getting the sugar that your body is demanding for!

Increases in Exhaustion

It is commonplace among pregnant women to feel lethargic and lack energy at all times. Eating too much sugar can only heighten this feeling. Sugary drinks and foods generally contain sucrose, which causes blood glucose level surge followed by a fall in energy. And it can also make you more susceptible to be diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. 

It Can Make Baby Craving For Sugar:

Research has shown women who crave for sugary foods in pregnancy, have kids who grow up as sugar cravers too. This actually paves way for obesity and related ailments in the long run. And as we can see from all around us, there are too many obese children out there. And as a mother, that is the last thing that I want my children to deal with.

Weight Gain:

Eating sugar during pregnancy causes weight gain.While all women gain some amount of weight during pregnancy, those who intake, excess sugar put on more weight than usual. They also find it harder to shed the excess flab after childbirth. (um, yes!) 

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