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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Staying Healthy For Christmas with Shakeology

I am so loving this Christmas so far! I made it a goal to drink Shakeology every day this month. I have missed 2 days this month, but still, this is the first Christmas in YEARS that I am NOT sick with a cold or flu or just feeling run down or lack of energy. In fact no one in my family is sick! This is why I drink it everyday. To keep me healthy and happy AND it has totally done that for me! I have invested in my health and wellness and I have not looked back since the day I started enjoying my first shake! 

Why is it helping me feel so great? There are 70 superfoods packed in just 1 scoop. All those superfoods contain the vitamins and minerals that my body needs to stay healthy. Check out this list! 

  • Adaptogen Supernutrients that may support strong immune function, help the body cope with environmental stress, and naturally help increase energy
  • Antioxidant Supernutrients that protect the body from free radicals and prevent cellular damage
  • Vitamin and Mineral Supernutrients that help your cells make energy, build and repair muscles,  and support energy production
  • Protein and Amino Acid Supernutrients that build muscle, reduce hunger and food cravings, help keep blood sugar steady
  • Phytonutrient Supernutrients that support healthy aging and vitality
  • Probiotics Supernutrients that promote healthy digestion and healthy colon function
  • Prebiotics Supernutrients that help probiotics grow and thrive, and strengthen the system
  • Digestive enzyme Supernutrients that help your body break down food to assimilate nutrients better
Check out this AWESOME festive recipe

Want more info? CLICK HERE to read more about it and order if you are ready to give your body the best for 2016! Next health and fitness support group begins Jan 4! Let's kick off 2016 with a BANG! 

Want more info?  And did you know that you can get 25% off all future Shakeology orders? Comment below, or email me! Excited to hear from you! 

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