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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Reduce Holiday Stress With Exercise

It is the last weekend before Christmas. Many of us are going to be out and about today getting the last things we need for a spectacular Christmas! In the midst of running around, take time to get your workout in during the day. It will help tone down the surrounding stressors.

30 minute walk
30 minute run
Strength Training
21 Day Fix Workout Routines
Hammer and Chisel (ordering mine this week!)
Just do something! 

The best way to reduce stress is by sticking to your health and fitness routine. We often drop our exercise program during the holidays because we're so busy with errands and to-do lists when, in actuality, we need more exercise than ever.

It is more important than ever to schedule in your calendar, just as an errand or doctor's visit would be scheduled.

When you take the time to take care of yourself, you're ensuring that you'll have the energy and peace of mind to get all your tasks done efficiently and timely. Besides that, exercise releases those feel good endorphins and who can't use a little of that this time of year?

Comment below with what time or a picture of your scheduled workout time for this week!

Even Santa is getting his workouts in to haul all those presents around! ;)
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