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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

January 30 Day Plank-A-Day Challenge

It's another month and the holidays are NOW BEHIND US! Time to get busy! I thought it was the right time to do a 30 day Plank A Day challenge! Sounds great right?!?

Planks, oh planks! They kill me every time. Why? Because it is a full body exercise. It uses your whole mind and body to do them. Yes, mind! For me it is a mind over matter issue. If I just turn off my brain and keep it from thinking about how much my legs and core are shaking then I could just hang on a little bit longer. Let's engage our cores, and push our heels back and hold a strong plank. 

Here are the different level of planks you can do: Start as a level one and then you can progress from there as you get more comfortable and strong! 

Side Plank variations:

Each day that you participate, take a picture and post it on your Facebook and/or Instagram account with #PLANKADAY #SunKissedBecky #CTDG so I follow along your journey too! 

So let's go ladies! let's work our abs off! And get a strong core which will help us with all of our other daily things we do!

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