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Friday, November 13, 2015

Facing Fears

Yesterday was a rough day for me guys. I faced a huge fear of mine during my counseling session. And it is something that has come out during this whole process of the miscarriage. Because I was so close to it actually happening.
I faced my fear dead on. I am so scared of not being here for my family. My fear is, had I had died during the miscarriage. I had to face that today. We had to go back into it and talk through those feelings of sadness and grief and how close I really was. I even said, "I didn't want to go down that path because it scared me." Talking about me dying and not being here just broke my heart.

But you know what. I realized how much I love my family. I realized that I have a lot more work to do here in this life and that I am making my life count. I have my two amazing boys who need me. And my husband that loves me and wants me. I have friends that would miss me. I have lives that I am helping to change right now and countless future people that I know I am going to be helping that need me! I am so thankful that I am still here. That it wasn't my time and that I have found my purpose as a mother, wife, teacher and motivator.
I give all of myself in all that I do. Because we only have 1 life to live. Live it to your fullest. Every single day! And be thankful for the life that you do have. It has helped shape you into the person you are now!

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