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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year, New Resolutions

As we come up on the end of the year I start to think about my resolutions. I am not going to share all of them quite yet, waiting till Jan 2 for that but I thought I would off a little help to help you think of new ones for you!

1. Put you first. It would be great to have world peace and there are some things we can do to help with that but not a whole lot. Your new year resolution is YOURS. So make it personal. And if it is personal than it is more likely to stick. Make your new years resolution personal. Not just, GO TO GYM MORE. That isn't going to help much. More like, I want to go to the gym more because... and make your point. Make it personal. Make it deep. That is how you will achieve your resolution.

2. Learn to love yourself. Find a way this year to add in learning to love yourself for how you are today. Not how you will become if you lost x amount of pounds or after you have another kid. Embrace your flaws. You must first love yourself and work on yourself before you can help anyone else.

3. Don't forget to add something about service. Service is a great way to learn to love others and to help you love yourself better. It keeps you humble. It keeps you appreciative for what you have. You recognize more blessings in your life. Trust me try to find a place to add this in!

I have made the lists in the past and I barely do any of them. But they always contain items that are more: of do this, not that. I have never made them personal and have my WHY! Very important.
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