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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November Week 3 & 4 Recaps

November has come and gone and I feel like I was gone for most of November. I love being able to work from home. My studio takes a week off for Thanksgiving so we went on a BIG trip!

We first went to PHX to visit with some family. My dad took Mason and Matt to the Walking with Dinosaurs Live Show and Mason loved it! He came home and told me all about the triceratops breaking his horn. Which we have turned into a lesson about not pushing others. So overtime Mason pushed someone we would talk about how the two triceratops were pushing each other and then one of the horns broke. Mason likes to add in that the one with the broken horn needs to go to the horn doctor. Very cute! We ate plenty of Mexican food, had 2 awesome Thanksgivings and I got to run in PHX! I haven't done that since I was a kid!

Then we went to Utah for a family reunion on Matt's side of the family. We were celebrating his grandfathers 91st birthday and the 65th wedding anniversary of his grandma and grandpa. 7 of the 8 children were there with their spouses, 25 grandkids with their spouses and 40+ great grandkids. It was quite the gathering. We had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and on Friday I premiered my 3rd composition I just recently completed.

Saturday we visited my grandma and grandpa and a ton of my cousins on my mom's side showed up too! I haven't seen them in so long, but thanks to Facebook we have been able to keep in touch and watch each others families grow!

Sunday we visited my other grandma and she got Mason some more dinosaur toys which he is carrying around with him everywhere, even sleeping with them. The flights there, there and back weren't too bad. Just one major meltdown because I had to wake Mason up but that was it. I am so thankful that we were able to see as many of the family as we could. Such a blessing.

As far as workouts, yeah not as good as it should have been. We had scheduling conflicts. It really turned out to be, either I ran or Matt worked out. Which kinda sucks because I got the short end of the stick but oh well. Time to get back on it!

Workout Recap:
11/16: rest
11/17: 1.86 miles- 30 min total. 1.25 timed.
11/18: rest
11/19: 2.76 miles- 45 min total. 1.5 timed.
11/20: rest
11/21: rest
11/22: flight
11/23: 2.08 miles- Run in PHX- 32:18 min. 15:32 min/mile- make up run for long run the day before.
11/24: rest
11/25: PHX Zoo. Walked around
11/26: rest
11/27: rest
11/28: rest
11/29: 2.58 miles - Run in UT- 40:39 min. 15:45 min/mile. Uphill the first 1.25 miles. Then downhill for the rest.

Week 3 Milage: 4.62 miles
Week 4 Mileage: 4.66 miles

Too many rest days for sure. But it is what it is. And it was a holiday so now I am back into it!
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