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Thursday, December 4, 2014

My Balancing Act

Let's face it mom's! IT IS HARD to do the dishes, the laundry, work, take the kids on play dates, teach, workout, and find time for ourselves. IT IS HARD! It is a total balancing act. That is why we are often called SUPER MOMS! And the sad truth, all those things have to be done, not always on a daily basis but they eventually have to be done.

Here is my new strategy to keeping myself and house in tip top shape without killing myself: 

1) Laundry. No more single laundry day for me. I have vowed that it is ok to spread laundry day out to 2 or even 3 days a week if I have to. I just can't handle doing a huge amount of laundry. Little piles work for me. 

2) 30 min workouts are KEY! Sometimes I can't make it to the gym. If Mason or Collin show signs of sickness they turn us away. And this week is one of them. Mace is snotting all over the place and frankly I threw my back out on Monday coming back from vacation and I need to see my chiropractor to put me back together again. I have been hurting like crazy. So this week has been in home 30 min workouts. Thank you 21 day fix! You are my new best friend! 

3) Little bit here and a little bit there. Can't clean the whole house in one day, no problem. Do 1 room at a time. Maybe 2. That way it gets done. Daily is the kitchen and I try to add another room on to that to clean. It needs it anyways. 
4) Take time for me. Without the kiddos! This is a daily task that if I don't do, I go crazy. And this is separate from working out. Or around the same time. But I HAVE TO HAVE MOMMY QUIET TIME or I am a witch by the end of the day! 

5) Reality. The reality is, that somedays none of this will happen. Kids won't sleep. Your house could look like a pigsty why someone comes over. Laundry piles up, dishes are overflowing and there are crumbs on the counter and table from last nights dinner and it is already 6pm time to make dinner again. IT IS OK! Life happens. Poop happens. Great thing about the day is that there is always another one the next day. 

DO NOT COMPARE yourself to someone else. Because often we see other people and think that they just have it all together but seriously, they have bad days too. Like right now, Collin is screaming his head off at me because he wants me to pick him up, but I made it a goal to get a blog post in. This is my me time. And it is ok, because in about 2 minutes I will pick him up, tell him I love him and he will be ever so happy! And Mason is cuddling with him anyhow right now. It is super cute! 

You are doing a great job mom! Biggest advice I can give any mom out there. TAKE TIME FOR YOU! Seriously! You will thank me later. If you need a 30 min workout let me know and I will hook you up. Need advice on how to do Mommy quiet time. Send me an email! Let's chat! I might not have it all together everyday but I sure do try! 
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