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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

FitBit Charge

Need a last minute gift for that health conscience friend or family member??? Here you go! I am loving my Charge! I love checking out how many steps I am taking every single day. Oh and every morning I check how much I didn't sleep! (I love sleep and this nursing this is so hard for me but I am surviving!)

What makes the Charge different than the other Fitbits is that it has the scrolling screen available. I (and Mason)  double tap the screen and the clock pops right up, perfect so I don't have to wear a watch AND my fitbit. Then I just use the clicker to see my steps for the day, calories burned, stair tracker, distance and my daily alarm. Oh and if I had a working cell phone it could be my caller ID too. The screen is super bright, especially in the middle of the night!

To check out my stats I have a little device that hooks into my USB and it does its own wireless sync. It is pretty handy and the little Dongle is small enough that I just leave it plugged into my computer.

Then I go to my dashboard and I see all my stats. Super easy. And customizable. I can even enter that I am nursing to show the extra calories burned. Also it has pregnancy trackers too for the different trimesters too to show those calories burned as well. I love this thing! IT IS AWESOME! I will say that I am not used to sleeping with "jewelry" on. I take off my ring and earrings at night so I am still not quite used to wearing something while I am sleeping but it is getting easier!

My Garmin is perfect for the run to track my runs and this is perfect for the everyday wear. I am kind of in love right now with both things! (Oh on avg I am walking 4 miles a day, IN MY HOUSE!) I am excited to see how much it changes when I start adding my runs back into it again!

Here is my weekly stats that I get from Fitbit! Love seeing all that I have done. What would you like most about having a Fitbit?

Seriously, a great gift for anyone!

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.
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