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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

Know the saying, "You can't teach a dog new tricks." Well, that is not true. The yo-yo dieting cycle of reducing calories, exercising more, lose some weight, then stop doing everything only to gain the weight back, plus, needs to STOP! It doesn't work. It really doesn't. Why? Because it is too extreme of a change to sustain. Humans don't like change. And to completely change your lifestyle in such a drastic style just won't work. It didn't work for me, and I think if you are in here it probably didn't work for you either.

It's time to change how you think of losing weight.
Nutrition: It all starts with nutrition. Really! To lose weight you need to fill your body with healthy whole foods. Healthy food has more volume than junk food. So you will actually feel full sooner eating healthy foods compared to junk foods. Compare the calorie count of junk food to the calorie count of fruits and veggies. Think about it, how much junk food did you have to eat to feel full compared a large salad which is quite filling.

Exercise: Think of exercise as the way to make your body stronger, lean, defined. Not as your way to lose weight. That means, no more spending hours in the gym burning 1000 calories to counteract your calorie intake.
Don't Be Perfect: Doing a diet plan 100% doesn't work, or actually it only works for so long before you want to give in to a treat, or start making excuses. (21 Day Fix is so popular because it is only 21 days long and it is easier to follow a program that is short) Allow yourself to not be perfect. Eat healthy whole foods 80% of the time, and allow yourself an indulgent meal occasionally. and you won't feel guilty because it is allowed! I am following my program for the next 21 days, but agreed to let our Valentines Date be my off day. And honestly I am so excited for it! And I won't feel any guilt for it. Being 100% on nutrition and workouts just don't work for me! I have found that 90/10 or 80/20 is the best way to think about it for me.
Excerpt from my Love Yourself Fit ebook
Love yourself: In the end, this is a journey of bettering yourself. You have to love yourself first though. Don't forget to tell yourself how amazing you are!

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