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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Be A #GoalDigger in March

It's time to announce the theme for my EXCLUSIVE GROUP in MARCH! I decided on the theme name at the beginning of February so it has been stewing for awhile now. I have been listening to the book NO EXCUSES by Brian Tracy which has really helped get me in the mindset too on making me reach my goals even more! And really when we drop excuses and make it a goal to reach our goals we ultimately become a GOAL DIGGER! 

The #1 reason why things don't happen in our lives is that we make reason not to do them. EXCUSES. If you want to change something about your life you just have to do it. Figure out your goal or what you want to accomplish, what you can do to reach it, then make a deadline on when you want it done by and then do something every day that gets you one step closer to your goal.

I have struggled with reaching goals in the past. I would brainstorm an keep them inside and "hope" that I reached them. But the action part o fit really never happened. UNIL I started to write down my goals. Making them tangible. Having them in front of me and using them to drive myself to do what I have to do to reach them IS KEY to me wanting and striving to work hard each day and do what I know I need to do.

I personally am so driven by reaching my goals right now that I have become obsessed with it (in a good way!) Which is one of the things that Brian Tracy talks about in his book. When you are doing everything you can do, and are always thinking about your goals and how to achieve them and not just talk about them but do something about them you become a goal getter or in our case a GOAL DIGGER!
-Access to my EXCLUSIVE group with my exclusive content to help you reach your goals.
-Exercise program of your choice using unlimited online streaming for the WHOLE YEAR! Choose from over 40 full programs, and exclusive extras to help you find a program just right for you.
-30 day supply of your daily smoothie to help you get all your vitamins and minerals your body needs with super dense nutrition.
-Nutrition Plan that fits your lifestyle and still gets results! + Portion Control color coded containers!
-Weekly goal setting with my EXCLUSIVE Goal Setting Workbook to help you write down your goals, make a plan and achieve.
-30 day GUIDE to help you stay on track
-Daily motivation and accountability
-Support in private group and one on one from me
-Community Support- using #goaldigger and #TCTD on social media
-Weekly check-ins to check your progress

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