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Monday, February 6, 2017

Elyse Cheyenne: 4 Months

Happy 4 months to my sweet little pea! She is getting so big, but not so big. Girlfriend is still sizing up pretty small per the growth charts but she is growing. This past month was like the golden age of her. She was so sweet and so great for us. We started out the month with Collin in the hospital. And she was so great. She had to spend so much time with us in the hospital, then Matt would take her in the afternoon to nap in her bed to stay on her schedule and to give me a little break. 
Doll sent to Elyse by my high school friend that she is named after! We love it. And Elyse (my friend) saw the fabric and thought of me since it has my 2 fave colors, teal and red! Wanna get your own? Check out her super cute shop on ETSY! EllieandFern
11 pounds 6.7 oz
23.5 inches
41 cm head circumference

Then we flew out to Utah for a quick weekend away for my grandfather's funeral. She was amazing. Staying up way to long during the day and sleeping so well at night and on the plane. The recovery from that hasn't been too great but we are getting back into a schedule.

Big, bright blue peepers! 
I absolutely love her personality coming out. One thing she loves, to watch her brothers run around the house. She will just watch them. She gets so excited too. I think she wants to join along, but she isn't showing any signs of being mobil which I am quite alright with, considering Collin was crawling by 5 months I am totally ok with her being a baby much longer than that. She does love her tummy time. She will just hang out on it forever. She can roll from front to back, but only when she wants to. She has been stopping herself from flipping which is pretty awesome. She doesn't not roll from back to tummy yet. She is a such a sweet and happy baby, even though she was all serious for her photo shoot, but she really is a happy baby and still loves to be called "pretty girl!" 

Elyse got to see Guppy and Gummy again when we went to Utah. She sure does love them!
Not always a happy camper! 
Snuggling with Gummy at the funeral.
Happy Baby! 
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