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Monday, February 13, 2017

Beginning Treadmill Interval Training

Some days it is just too cold outside to go running. To keep from getting bored on the treadmill you can do one of two things. First, use the personal TV on the machine, your phone or tablet to watching something or listen to your favorite personal development book so that you are working on yourself from the inside out to keep your brain occupied on something else. 

Secondly, do interval work. This keeps your body guessing and keeps your brain from losing focus. It also will test your endurance as it is a way to spike up your heart rate for short bursts of time then allow yourself to rest a little on the walking sections.

This is also good practice if you want to use this technique in a long distance race. Similar to the Galloway method of speed walking and sprinting for short periods of times. This training below is for beginners! 
You can adjust these speeds based on your current running level but the point it is to push yourself. Remember to listen to your body and if you have to skip an interval, then skip it but do as many as you can! 

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