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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Fit And Healthy Plus Size Pregnancy: Same Weight, Feel Amazing 3rd Time Around

Here we are. My crunch time in pregnancy. Tomorrow marks my final 10 weeks until my due date and with my last 2 pregnancies, the last 10 weeks I GAINED the most weight. Especially with Collin. Since I stopped marathon training and I just sat on my butt and really didn't exercise, and ate whatever I wanted. Look at these 2 pictures. I am the exact same weight in both of these pictures. 254 pounds. (which is a really scary number to admit to everyone but there it is.) The left is me with Collin at 39.5 weeks pregnant. The right is 29 weeks (last Wednesday) with Elyse. But...

BUT! I FEEL TOTALLY DIFFERENT NOW THAN I DID 2 YEARS AGO! 2 years ago I felt sluggish. I felt tired. I was hungry all the time and I ate whatever I wanted. I didn't really like how I looked, I knew I was pregnant but in my eyes I LOOKED HUGE and I FELT MISERABLE!

NOW, I feel amazing. I have more energy. I know I am feeding my baby the right foods and actually getting my veggies in everyday and superfoods that I never even knew how to get in my daily diet. I actually love how I look, which is a first for me.
I have completely changed my lifestyle of eating and exercise. I am working so hard to eat the right foods. The right portions. And yes, I eat other foods too, but I really try to limit how much "extra" I eat, and what I eat, unlike I did 2 years ago with Collin. I finally learned what to feed my body and I want to share all that information with you and support you if you are ready to make changes in your lifestyle too. Let's get you started today if you are tired of getting stuck in the same cycle of yo-yo dieting and are ready to make a life long change for the better! Let's chat. Email me or comment below!

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