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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Postpartum Recovery Must Haves

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Are you nearing the end of your pregnancy and are wondering what recovery is really going to be like? With my #1 I had NO IDEA! We missed that part of my birthing class because I had Mason before they got to it. I was in complete shock about what it was going to be like. I knew that you bled like a period for a time after, and my doula said to get some depends but she didn't say it was going to hurt worse, in a way, than labor did. I think it felt like it hurt worse because it lingered for so long. I tore during the birth of Mason, only a 1st degree but I still had a stitch, and I had hemorrhoids, from pushing so hard so I couldn't really sit very comfortably. Everything was swollen, oh and since I am a red head, we bleed more. So instead of the lovely "up to" 6 weeks of bleeding I had 8-10 weeks. If I did anything too strenuous I would start to bleed again even after the 8-10 weeks. UGH! 

Well, I learned really quickly, within the first couple of days after having Mason and doing research, what I really needed. And I used this same list to help with recovery for #2, which I also tore a 1st degree and had hemorrhoids again, and will use this same list for #3. I honestly think that this is THE BEST list of things that you really need. I have added a link to AMAZON for easy ordering! 


My step by step process: Clean with the perineal bottle. Gently spread the bottom balm, Then spray with the bottom balm spray. Then the dermoplast. Then prepare the depends with the pad placed in it, and the 3 tucks pads placed on top of the pad. And then done! I know it sounds like a lot, but this has been the one thing that has really helped with healing faster, and swelling less. Really I do this routine for the first 2 weeks. Then move on to the thin pads for the next 6-8 weeks.

You will get a perineal bottle. You can't wipe after having a baby and you get to squirt warm water on your goods to clean you off. It sounds weird but IT FEELS SO GOOD! How to use: Fill it with warmish hot water before you sit down to pee unless you have someone there to fill it up for you. Then as you go it will cool down a bit. You do not want cold water on your bits! And too hot is ouch! 
Bottom Balm (for mom): I LOVE Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm. How to use: Spread it on your lady bits, gently, every time you go to the bathroom. The spray bottle of Earth Mama Angle Baby  as more easy and less messy, didn't have the same potency as the balm did. But you can use both if you want. Start with balm first, then the spray. This will help you heal and get less swollen too. 
Dermoplast: You might get this from the hospital. You need to check. This is a freezing spray that is nice too use especially if you have hemorrhoids or a tear. I numbs everything. How to use: Spray on AFTER you use the bottom balm to get the cooling effect from that first. Then spray. Use until you run out.

Depends: You only get a few mesh undies from the hospital. And yes these are embarrassing to wear, they are amazing! And super helpful. How to use: When you run out of the mesh undies from the hospital, use these as you would underwear to catch spillover of excess bleeding. Only need to use up to 2 weeks. Change as often as you need.

Pads (2 kinds): LONG for the first half of the after bleeding. How to use: You will put these inside the depends and change the pad every time and the depends catches everything else. I use Kotex overnight for this purpose. These were so similar to the extra long and thick ones that I got from the hospital.

When things start getting lighter I use the 7th Generation chlorine free extra long, thin with wings until I stop bleeding. 
Tucks Pads: You might get a jar of this from the hospital, make sure you check ahead of time. How to use: To be used just after birth until you feel less swollen, or until you run out. Put about 3 pads on top of your pad and just let it rest against you. The cooling is nice. Use until all pads are used.


Coconut oil in a small tub- You will want this before and after every time you nurse to help your nipples from cracking. This is instead of Lanolin cream (which is really sticky and smells funny to me) How to use: Rub a little on before you breastfeed and rub a little on after you feed. I put like 1/4 cup in a plastic tub to put in my hospital bag cause I didn't want to take the glass container. Make sure to get organic. I like Trader Joe's coconut oil or Spectrum is good too! 


Sitz Bath: And for your first few days after baby it is a good idea to take a sitz bath. And even with baby. How to do: You just fill up the tub with a little bit of water. Not a lot at most a foot and use this sitz with the herbs in the muslin bag so that the herbs don't get all stuck in areas you don't want them and that are healing. Let it soak like tea before you get it. It will feel so good and will help with the swelling.

This time I am going to try a full belly wrap. I have tried just the hip wrap but I didn't like it. But I really do want to try the full belly wrap to help with shrinking my uterus back down faster as it becomes more difficult with each baby you have. After tons of research I decided to do the Belly Bandit B.F.F. How to use: Start wearing as soon as possible after birth. In the hospital. It is supposed to be so comfortable you can even sleep in it. Just take off to shower! Listed below are the benefits of it.

  • Double Compression, six panel design
  • Luxuriously Soft, Earth Friendly material
  • Lose Inches and Look Slimmer Instantly
  • Doctor Recommended
  • Accelerates Healing
  • Helps Minimize Stretch Marks
  • Provides Comfort after C-Section
  • Supports Back, Leg & Core Muscles
  • Adds Support while Breastfeeding
  • Great for shorter or short waisted women
  • Our exclusive Power Compress Core™ is your secret weapon

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