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Friday, July 15, 2016

Second Pregnancy Stitch Fix Items

Guess what I got in the mail this week??? HURRAY FOR STITCH FIX! Join me in my dressing room (as it were!) Just to put this out there, I normally hate trying on clothing. I usually am disappointed, but I LOVE this service so much. It is fun to see what someone who actually knows what they are doing choose for me. we go! My stylists is amazing. Not only did she listen to the feedback I provided, but she checked out my Pinterest board and even read through my blog posts to get more insight into me. So Patricia, if you are reading this...THANKS and HI!

This second fix was great!

My 5 items were:

Item A&A2: Long teal and navy print maxi dress. Partnered with a solid super soft teal pregnancy shirt which is also so super soft!
Item B: Teal and sea foam green top- so soft!
Item C: Black and White Stripe Top
Item D: Elephant print infinity scarf. So super soft and luxurious.
My thoughts on this fix. I am not a scarf person. I don't really like things up on my neck area. Even in the winter, I try to avoid them if I can. Cowell necks are really as close as I get to scarfs, and even then those still bother me a little. I don't know how people wear them just as an accessory. I love my neck. My grandmother always commented on how beautiful my neck was, (she was very sweet and loving), and I just don't like to cover it up! But I will say this about the scarf, it was so soft and delicate and beautiful pattern. It just isn't for me. I included the pictures so you can see it!

The maxi dress was great. My stylist is trying to get me to wear patterns, I just personally didn't like how it fit. When I think Maxi dresses, I think more stretchy and give. And this one did not have much room for me in the hips. Might be, because my butt and hips have expanded, but still, the dress just wasn't for me. And my stylist included a shirt for under the dress, which was AWESOME and the perfect color. I love the shirt. It is just a solid teal shirt but oh so very soft! (maybe the scarf could have gone with that too??)

Down to my last two items. One I loved before I even put on the other I thought I wouldn't like it but ended up loving it on me! hmmmmm. which one did I choose??? I knew I would love the grey and sea foam green shirt. The black and white stripes, I didn't think it would flatter me very much because they are horizontal stripes. But the pattern on it actually made me look AMAZING! And even accented my waist (yes I still have a waist at 30 weeks pregnant.) It actually made me look amazing!

So...What will it be. A, B, or C? What do you think? Which do you like best?
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