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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon Tips for New Runners: Race Morning

If you have stumbled upon my blog about the Run Disney Princess Half Marathon looking for tips, I am sure that you have probably read at other places that EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE!

When you get to your hotel, on WDW or off site, check with your hotel, if there is transportation provided and what time the transportation is offered for race morning. It doesn't matter if you drive there or take transpiration provided for you, you will be leaving VERY EARLY IN THE MORNING! K and I set 2 alarms to go off to make sure we woke up for a lovely 2:45 am! She set the ring tone to Eye of the Tiger. We were staying at the Shades of Green resort on the WDW park. (Shades of Green is the military hotel that is on the resort for only military guests and their families! It is AWESOME! If military check it out!) It is located across the street from the Polynesian resort, and we actually ran right past it during the 1/2 marathon! We figured that we would walk to the Polynesian and then catch the buses there but thankfully Shades had their own buses. You are going to want to be to the busses pretty early, because they fill up quickly and you don't want to be running to the start of the race then run the 1/2. No fun! We were on our bus by 3:45 or so am!
(1st long walk!)

Know that where the busses drop you off, is a LONG WALK! A very long walk. It feels like forever just to get to the waiting area. Not the corral staging area just the pre-marathon waiting area. There was a band/DJ playing music. Lots of people were having fun. I was in search of food, cause I was still hungry and found a banana from one of the tents (a race volunteer took pity on me and passed me one.) And a bathroom. K made me drink tons of water when I woke up, when we got on the bus and on our way to the waiting area. I already had to go. NOT GOOD!

There were tons of bathrooms to choose from so we went. I learned that morning how hard it was going to be going to the bathroom with my tutu and big pregnant belly! EEK! We then found a place to sit and rest by the gates that would open to take us to the coral staging area. I was on the hunt trying to find other bloggers I followed, never found them but I looked! I wanted to even go up in the coral area that I knew she would be but I didn't want to be that stalkerish! We walked the next mile or so to the staging are and K and I found my corral, 1 down from hers and sat down near the front. We talked about our running strategy and she had me munch on more food and drink MORE water. I decided that I needed to go to the bathroom again and went on search to the hundreds more port-a-potties there. I got back in the coral and the first corral was off. And we waited our turn. This was it! I was about to embark on my first 1/2 marathon. 29 weeks pregnant.
(Waiting in the corrals!) 

Bring water and food to munch on while you wait. Use the port-a-poties by the corrals before the race starts, because the line at the mile 1 port-a-poties is LONG! The line at all the port-a-potties is long, except for mile 13. I didn't have to wait for that one!

Also, it can be a little chilly until the race starts. Head to Goodwill and find a hoodie to toss to the side after the first mile or 2 when you warm up. Disney takes all the toss clothing and donates them so it is for a good cause!
(Everyone behind us)

Make sure you rest and sit down, so bring a towel or something to sit on, again a toss clothing if you are worried about sitting on the ground! When you get there it will feel like a bunch of hurry up and wait, and it is but it's ok. Just rest as much as possible. Get off your feet and sit down!

From where the busses drop you off to the corrals is seriously about 2 miles. So just know that. You are awesome! Who else do you know that walks 2 miles before a half marathon just to start the half marathon!
(Ready, Set...)

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Goals

Yesterday I posted my recap about my accomplishments and needs improvement on my 2014 goals. I am so happy with how well I did so I thought that I would share with you all my 2015 goals!

1. Run a race a month! Yep, I want to stay in constant training mode so I don't go into a funk and stop running or take too much time off from running and such. I want to do a mixture of local and "bigger" races to help with fees because let's face it, running races can get pretty pricey pretty quick! I am happy to report that I already have completed January's race, (New Year's Day 5k, yesterday.) And I am registered for February's and March's race as well. I know what race I will do in April. Don't have May's race yet. I will probably do the Wounded Warrior race in June and the 4th of July race in July. Looking for August. September will be the Woman's 4 miler. Need a September and October race. November the DISNEY WINE AND DINE 1/2 MARATHON and a local turkey trot and December I will probably do a local Jingle 5k. Super excited so far!

2. Potty Train Mason. My goal is to have Mason potty trained by his 4th birthday. Yep, 4th. It just isn't happening. He is one of those types of personality that it won't happen until HE wants it to happen. We have an incentive for him right now, a Pachyrhinosaurus (Pack-E-Rhyn-O-Saur-Es) dinosaur toy for him when he is potty trained but so far that has only lasted 1 day.

3. Be more diligent in Mason's preschool between January and May to help him prepare for official preschool in September. I think we are going to do it and enroll him in school. We have noticed that he does better when it is not Mom or Daddy teaching him and it has been quite a struggle for me. Dude just likes to say NO to me right now. So now my goal is to make sure he is proficient in his alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers to 50 and starting to read by September. Tall order but it is what it is.

4. Lose 20 lbs in the next few months. I know this seems fast and all but I know that if I stick with my nutritionist based diet that the weight just falls off of me, quickly! I just have to stick with it. Why the weight loss? Well, we want to add another little one to our family and I do not, DO NOT want to get pregnant at this weight! It hurts when running and I frankly don't want to carry around another 15 lbs of baby on top of what I am already carrying around. What about my races if I get pregnant. Well I know I will defer the Wine and Dine a year if I am pregnant, depending on how pregnant, because I will not run another 1/2 when I am super pregnant again! I have the turkey trot as my back up for November.

(ummm, Mason just locked himself in the bathroom. Hoping he is going poop! Nope false alarm, just locked himself in!) Just keeping it real!

5. Continue to grow my readers for this blog! I love that I doubled my daily and overall viewing of this blog this past year and I want to do it again. That means, more meaningful content and with the help of you I can grow this blog! I love doing it and it is so fun and a great way to stay accountable for what I need to do! Working out has kind of become my job and I need to do better at it and I will this year. I KNOW IT Because I am WORTH IT! I AM WORTH FIGHTING FOR!

Along with that I do have a clean eating group starting Monday the 5th! If you wanna join comment below or send me an email at connectthedotsginger (at) gmail (dot) com.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year In Review

Here we are! At the end of an amazing year. And what a year it has been. This year has been full of so much joy and accomplishment, as well as needing to give myself a kick in the BUTT! So here it is.

January marked me passing my half way point in my pregnancy. And training going strong for the ENTIRE MONTH! I had to train for my first 1/2 marathon. And I did it all while pregnant.
February had me planning for our Disney Trip and training and some days questioning my sanity to run in a 1/2 marathon at 29 weeks pregnant! And actually completing my very first 1/2 marathon. And doing something that I never actually thought I would ever do! (next time regardless of how I feel, I WILL take a great happy shot of my medal. Kicking myself over that one for sure!)

March was all about baby and getting ready to have one. Getting the room set up and feeling more prepared.

April was about tying up my studio for the year so that I could take 3 months off from teaching. Looking back, I really think that this month was pretty good for me. I also became an Ambassador for Girls Gone Sporty! I love being part of networks with like minded people and I have learned so much from the amazing awesome women who are part of this!

May, I felt like I was the white rabbit always checking my calendar and watch for when baby will arrive. And even did some late term pregnancy running to GET THE BABY OUT! And thankfully we welcomed baby Collin into our family and he was healthy and happy after just a short little scare. But all was well. I had my no drugs needed labor and was able to get up and walk to the NICU, unassisted, 30 minutes after having him to be with him.

June and July I rested and recovered. I did help out with the local Woman's 4 miler training program and another local race on July 4th with Collin in attendance. I didn't start actually running until after August though. I also became a Beachbody Coach to help motivate people one on one  and to achieve their weight loss and lifestyle goals!

August I started running again, as best as I could with still recovering. And I ran in the Woman's 4 Miler again!

September, I became an Ambassador with FitFluential. An origination that I had been trying to be part of for a year! I love working with them and so thankful that we are working together and love meeting and reading all about my fellow ambassadors.

October, November and December have been a roller coaster of training and not training. Still dealing with my body not liking me running, still have issues to this day, more on that later. I have lost motivation and gained it. I have not lost my baby weight either. But I am not perfect. I am human. I am still trying everyday to do better and some days are better and some not so much. But overall it has been a pretty AMAZING year for me!

I am so excited for the amazing goals I have set for 2015 and can't wait to share all of them with you. I am so thankful for the wonderful blessings I got in 2014 and for my healthy family. Thank you so much for joining me on my journey because I love hearing from you and knowing that someone is reading. Here's to 2014. And because it is worth fighting for let's make our dreams come true in 2015!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

JANUARY 2015 first race is going to be...

New Year's Day 5k here in C-ville VA! It is a race recommended for my training program anyhow and I wanted to do it last year but with being pregnant and ice, I didn't run in it. I stayed indoors on the treadmill. But not this year, I will be hoofing it with the rest of them!

Looking for a February race. Need to find out what my mileage for the training program will be in February first to see if it can be a 10k or not!

Know any good races in the central VA area for February???

Thursday, November 6, 2014

10 Miler Training Plan

I am in a local training group for my upcoming race, so a lot of the guess work for my training is already taken care of for me. I was given a handout with how many miles to run on X day and I'm golden. The training calls for weekly runs on Monday, Wednesdays and starting next week adding Thursday runs as well, then the long run with the group on Saturday mornings. Sounds easy.

My goals for the race though are I want to go into it strong. There are a lot of hills. That's Charlottesville for ya! So I am making sure to do strength training this time around. I did not do any strength training at all for the Princess half I trained for. Plus adding in yoga to keep me limber and stretched. ENTER PIYO! I am going to be doing a PiYo routine at least once a week to get the lower body strength training and stretching that I need. As you know buns, and core are my fav workouts in that series and I will be doing lower define too. Still debating on the rotation. Those workouts will be earlier in the week. As far away from the long run as possible!

For upper body strength I will be doing 21 day fix and possibly PiYo. But have thought about adding in P90X too. (mainly for core though)

I also want to increase my speed. That means less walking breaks and just a faster run in general. With previous trainings I ran around a 4.5 speed on the treadmill with walking between a 3.8-4.0. I avg to a 14:30 min/mile.

This time I want my running to be in the 5.0-5.5 range, and minimal walking breaks. The cool thing about my training group is that on Saturdays we will be running on parts of the actual course so my body will be used to the hills by race time. But I know I can do the 5.0-5.5 speed because I have done it before. I just have to find that groove and stick to it! Goal under 2 hours and 15 min  for the 10 miler. (I think that is realistic. I would love under 2 hours but I have to be honest and real!)

So weekly my training plan will look like this!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Exercise, Eat, Ignore, You

I saw this on Facebook this past week and fell in love with it! Seriously this just defines me right now in my life.

EXERCISE: I will never, ever be skinny. My BFF she will, and my BFF from high school was and still is skinny. I was never skinny in High school and I will never be skinny now. But I can be fit. That is what I want, to be fit and healthy.

EAT: I have been learning and trying to eat to nourish my body. I still can't get greens down for the life of me. Seriously, I gag on anything green unless it is hidden in something else. A salad, nope can't even get them down. I think I had 5 bites and I almost threw it back up, but I am making smart choices in what I do eat, trying to follow the nutrition plan that was made for me by my nutritionist a couple years ago. A nursing plan that allows me to eat enough calories but still produce milk for Collin. Plus with Shakeology, I know that it is super healthy for me! It has super foods and minerals and vitamins in it that I don't normally get. It tastes great and has everything that I need to fuel my body, and I don't have to think about that meal for the day. It is done!
IGNORE: Ignore those naysayers. The ones that say, nope you can lose the weight. I personally don't have any naysayers because I have done it before but the one voice I do need to ignore is my own sometimes. Yep, I doubt myself and my ability to actually lose the weight again. I want to lay on the couch with Collin and watch Fringe re-runs and be lazy, but I also want to be here for them for as long as possible. I want to run after them, ride bikes with them, and most of all play with my grandchildren. I want to be healthy for them. All my children and their children, and if I live long enough their children. So I am constantly working on my own mind that I have lost the weight before I can totally do it again!

YOU: I am worth a lot more that I realize and I am learning that. I have 2 children who rely on my me. Love me and I have a lot to teach them, lead them, help develop them into great young men who respect their bodies, and want to be healthy. And someday when I have a little girl, for her not to ever hate her body or size and appreciate how beautiful she is. And to have enough respect to take care of it and protect it. I am a mother! I have such an amazing job of raising the next generation and I will honor my "job" by being the best example for my kids as possible and that means to be healthy and stick around as long as possible!

QOTD: What was the first thing you thought about when you read the quote above? 

Friday, June 27, 2014

Destination Racing

A day after I had Collin I was talking to my OB/GYN doc what races he was going to do next. He is an avid running and 2 weeks prior he ran in the Tacoma City Marathon and was raving about how beautiful it was. Part of the course was running in a rain forest another part through a beautiful city. All the while staring at the beautiful mountains all around. He just said it was beautiful and wants to do it again. Anyhew, he didn't know what races to do next. I asked if he ever raced over seas. He said no and I mentioned the Dublin 1/2 coming up. I didn't know the dates that day but the next day, while still in the hospital I told him that it was in early August. He said that that fell right at the same time as his wedding anniversary and was seriously considering running in the race while they take 2 weeks and check out Ireland. He is stoked for this race now, wishing it was a full marathon but still he doesn't want to pass up on a great excuse to race and vacation at the same time. 

I have been looking in to it. Why not combine a race and a vacation. Just make sure you allow time for some recovery and then go do your sightseeing. Here are some of the the top races that someday I might try and do. (I will do the Disney ones eventually!!!)

1. Berlin Marathon-  I have always wanted to visit Germany and what a great excuse to visit Germany and to actually run through it. But this is a dream for a long time from now!

2. Disney World Marathon Weekend-  Ok so I have already done a WDW race and absolutely loved it, except for the small things like not enough potties (are there really enough when there is 20,000 people running?) But I remember when I was working at one of my jobs reading a Runner's World magazine and I saw the beloved MICKEY medal and I knew I wanted to do it! That was the ultimate race I wanted to run in. So someday I will earn my Mickey medal! And then some other day I will earn my Dopey medal with all the other medals that go along with it! I REALLY AM THAT DOPEY TO TRY IT! But not for many years!
~2104 WDW Marathon Weekend Medals~

3. Honolulu Marathon- Why are all these marathons so far??? Anyhew Yes, I would love to run in Hawaii. My BFF K ran this race a few years ago and said it was super hard, because even though it is in December it is still pretty dog gone hot!!! But I would love to go back to Hawaii and why not have a race part of it, I mean with all the spas they have there, imagine if you will all the MASSAGES you can get to help recovery! Oh and soaking in the ocean listening to the waves lap the shore, HEAVEN!

4. Dublin Rock 'n' Roll Half- Ok finally a 1/2! Yes, talking to my Doc about this race peaked my interest too, and We Run Disney Bloggers are running this race this year too, so I have been reading a lot about it and it sounds amazing! I have never been to Europe or that part of the world and would love to go and visit, and since I am part Irish being a ginger and all might as well visit and enjoy the amazing sites there!

5. runDisney's Castaway Cay 5k-  Disney Cruise? YES, PLEASE! The next time we go on a Disney Cruise and it visits Castaway Cay I will be running in the 5k on the little island. I read about it for the first time on Through Heather's Looking Glass Blog . And was kicking myself that I had NO IDEA when I was on the ship that there was actually a 5k!

6. runDisney's Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Weekend-  Yep, another Disney race but that's ok. I AM A LOVER OF DISNEY and runDisney is really what peaked my interest in running and Disneyland is closer to GMA and GPA and they have the Cars Land which Mason would LOVE! I would do the Dumbo Double Dare challenge, to get as much bling as possible and hopefully earn my coast to coast medal too! I would have to time it just right.
~2014 Disneyland 1/2 Marathon Weekend Medals~

7. Versailles la Grande ClassiqueThe 16k race begins at the Eiffel Tower and ends in Versailles. The course travels through Paris and along the river Seine, turns onto tree-lined boulevards and continues on winding paths all before a majestic finish in Versailles. Paris? WHY NOT! This sounds awesome and you end in Versailles sounds awesome!

QOTD: Have you ever wanted to run a destination race? Which ones are you thinking about???
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