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Monday, January 4, 2021

Start 2021 Off With A Bang! | Exclusive Take Back Control In 2021 Group Now Enrolling!

It's here, finally 2020 is GONE and we are in the new year. is still going the same. We are all still dealing with Covid. Many of us are dealing with online school with our kids (ugh!) The only things that have changed is we added a 1 at the end of the year, and our excitement for a fresh start with our lives. 

With everything going on around us, it's time to take back control in the 1 thing we can literally control, our health. Our wellness. Our own fate. I read a post from someone saying, "I'm tired of being fat!" it went on to more but the first comment on there was, "DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEN!" Literally doing something about our health and wellness is all in our hands (unless you have medical reason as to why,) but I'm here telling you, as a plus size fit ginger who has PCOS, I am taking control of my life. Not by making resolutions for losing weight but to step into this new year knowing that I'm going to make the choices and decisions that will change my life by choosing to complete program after program. By eating the foods I know my body needs and limiting the foods that my head wants. Not stopping because that's not life, but limiting them and saving them for special occasions and really making them count. 

If you're tired of waiting for the world to return back to normal, take your own fate and your own life in your hands. Join us in our group! SEND ME AN EMAIL RIGHT NOW SAYING I WANT IN YOUR GROUP! to! We've actually got 2. Choose from any of our complete fitness programs included on our online library that you can do right in your house, or at a gym, whatever you fancy, or UPGRADE to join me in doing the brand new program 9 Week Control Freak. Commit to showing up every day to the workout. Commit to completing it and then move on to the next while working every day on your mindset about foods and following the principals of the nutrition programs helping you uplevel your health and wellness! 

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