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Thursday, August 8, 2019

Meal Planning? #1 Tip To Learn How To Meal Prep Like A Pro

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I've been a coach for a long time, and this year, I've really been focusing on my nutrition journey and what I noticed, as I talked a lot with my customers about nutrition, was many of them found meal planning SO HARD! Just learning how to get started. So...I am making learning how to meal plan an integral part of my coaching now! From hosting meal planning sessions with my test groups for our new program and then opening it up once a month to all my customers so they can learn and improve!

Why is meal planning important? Because without a plan, you are flying by the seat of your pants. How many times have you gone out for dinner, or sent your hubs out to get food, because you didn't have any idea what to make for dinner and it was already to late to try and figure it out? ALL THE TIME unless I meal plan! When I meal plan, I've got that nagging feeling of, I've already bought all the ingredients and we already have a plan in place, might as well use what we have. Does this always work, of course not, but 9 times out of 10 it does. So, you want to learn how to get started right

#1 Tip to learning how to meal prep like a pro: 

START WITH PLANNING OUT all your meals for only 1 category of food (either dinner, lunch or breakfast). I plan all my dinners FIRST because that is the meal with our entire family, and it has to be something that they will all like. And because I'm a busy mom I pick 3 dinner recipes a week to make and make enough to have leftovers the next day. So I'm only cooking 3 nights a week and then just heating up the leftovers the next day.

So my schedule would look like this:
This is a great starting point to just get started with meal planning as a beginner. As a beginner, DO NOT PLAN OUT EVERY MEAL FOR THE WHOLE WEEK. It's totally intimidating and a huge thing to take on. Start small. 

For me, the way I plan my meals is I eat following the Ultimate Portion Fix Program. Meaning, I get a specific serving amount of veggies, protein, carbs, fruits and healthy fats in a day. I actually figure out the serving amounts in my dinners and then I'll plan out the rest of the day so I don't over eat on my containers and keep it super simple following my food lists. Plus with access to the healthy cooking show that goes along with it and it's even included in our online fitness library, it makes it easy to plan out meals. 

Or, aim to eat a veggie and protein at all my other meals, and having some carbs and fruits. Don't forget the healthy fats too! 

The goal is to keep it simple! Want more tips, be sure to follow me on Instagram or you can WORK WITH ME and send me an email to get started 

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