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Monday, August 5, 2019

What's In My Gym Bag? Favorite Items To Fill My Travel Bag On The Go

Let me start by saying that this is NOT a sponsored post, but all items in the photo are part of a monthly subscription box I personally pay for, AND LOVE, every month! Want to learn more about the box, You can visit them at SWEAT AND SPARKLE BOX . Decide to order, get $5 off your first box with promo code: FITGINGER. Cause you all know I love to hook you up with awesome stuff and DISCOUNTS! 

A few weeks ago I traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana for a HUGE conference with 20,000 other health and fitness coaches. There were LOTS of trainings, and fun and since it was health and fitness, lots of ways to get sweaty! 

We worked out at Monument Circle TWICE, went to a American Ninja Warrior Training Gym and there were even workouts with our Super Trainers. And what did I do, I stayed at a hotel that was over 20 minutes away. With all the working out, and lack of shower I had to really get creative about how I was going to clean up after all the sweat sessions. Well, it kind of worked out well considering that EVERY SHIPMENT of my Sweat and Sparkle box, since I signed up for had something that I needed for on the go. From the Vooray Bag, to dry shampoo AND conditioner and even body wipes. Plus I was able to take my 12 week fit journal and pack snacks for a great post workout treat. And of course I had to have my EXTRA LARGE water bottle to keep my hydrated. 

Top 5 things you Need in your gym bag/ travel bag/go bag:

1) Change of clothes. if you are working out at a gym or on the go, you gotta remember to check to make sure you have a change of clothes especially socks and undies. Always change right after your workout so your bits are hanging out in a sweaty mess.

2) Dry Shampoo! It's a must to help me get styled faster. I personally have long, long hair and it takes forever to wash, dry and then style. Dry Shampoo has changed my life. Just spay it in and leave it or use the blow dryer to style but it at least cleans up my scalp a little from the sweat. And it adds extra texture to my hair and give it more volume! WIN for thin hair!

3) Body wipes, and face wipes too, if you don't have access to a shower after. I've gotten in the habit of rinsing off after working out. And to know I wasn't going to have that option I needed really good body wipes. I was looking everywhere on line deciding what to get and then I remembered, I got a whole box in my shipment! YAY! Gone are the days of baby wipes showers (it's a military thing!) These body wipes are big, thick and smell good and WORK!

4) WATER BOTTLE! Stay hydrated, Yo! Because being dehydrated sucks! So keep a bottle or 2 in your bag for when on the go and fill it up often!

5) Snacks! Have snacks in your bag so you have something to nosh on after your workout. If you are on the go you might not be able to get food right away. So have a snack in there so you don't get HANGRY!

Again, if you clicked on the links and saw the price of some of those items, I DID NOT PAY THAT! My Sweat and Sparkle Subscription Box comes filled with awesome items for fitness, health and beauty at a fraction of the item's prices! Want $5 off your first box? Enter FITGINGER at checkout in the promo code for the hookup!

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