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Monday, February 26, 2018

Push Past The Negativity

When life throws you lemons, just make some lemonade and move on. We all have those times where we are afraid of being judged or looked down on. And this happened last week. When I got a comment on one of my pictures. "That girl isn't fit". On a post specifically about how I knew I didn't fit the "stereotypical" mold for what a fit person looks like, yeah, it was weird. But you know what I realized. I felt sad for that person more than angry, hurt, upset. I had an overwhelming sense of sadness for them. Because most people who comment hurtful things, or not nice things, are jealous or just plain mean. Let's just say the person was the former. I have no idea who that person is or what they look like but what if they were plus size? What if they thought they could not be fit because of their shape or size? That exercise is a losing battle because it will never work for them. Because it never did in the past. They have tried too many times to count and they never reached their goal, or struggled to get there so much that they gave up.

It's ignorant views like this that teach the next generation what qualifies as pretty, fit or popular. I am a FIT PLUS SIZE WOMAN. And I am on a mission to help change the thinking of what is considered "fit". Like Lizzy, that plus size ballerina, or Jessamyn, the plus size yogi

We are breaking the normal /expected/ idolized stereotype. To teach others that we should support and cheer on anyone who is changing their lives and positively influencing thinking for the current and future generations. It's about change and embracing that change. What can you do to change the stereotype of what is healthy, fit and beautiful? Share our message. Share our pages with your friends. Spread the word that "hey, there are inspiring women of all shapes and sizes doing hard things now because they want to." Spread the word.

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